Bernie Sanders delegates will walk out of Hillary Clinton’s speech tonight

‘There’s nothing the DNC can really do about it,’ a delegate told The Tab


PHILADELPHIA –– Bernie Sanders delegates furious with Hillary Clinton’s nomination are planning to storm out of her speech tonight, The Tab has learned.

Chris, a delegate from Washington State, told us: “Half the Bernie delegates walked out on Tuesday and didn’t come back. Today the other half are walking out.

“They are going to put tape over their mouths and walk out the second she gets up on the stage, right then and there. I’ve been talking to my fellow delegates – they’re certain. The word is leaking out now. There’s nothing the DNC can really do about it.

“It’s a protest about what happened and to make sure our voices get heard. We’ve been ignored by our party and this is how we respond.”

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Chris, from Washington State

Chris, another Bernie delegate from Missouri, added: “They’re walking out tonight. I already walked out earlier this week – I’m now trying to sell my ticket.

“We demanded a formal apology for the American people from the stage of the DNC, and we didn’t get it. I supported Bernie Sanders and feel like he didn’t get a fair shake.”

Allison, a Bernie delegate of Illinois, added: “There is a walk out planned. We are not sure if the Secret Service will let us, so a back up is that we are all going to stand up when Hillary speaks and turn our backs.”


Allison, from Illinois

Jason, a delegate from Hawaii, said: “We can’t really comment on that, but different people will be doing different things,” and another from the same delegation chimed in: “There is something going on tonight – you’ll want to be there.”

One delegate we spoke to, Catherine from Michigan, told us she won’t be participating.

She said: “I have heard about these plans. Bernie Sanders endorsed Hillary Clinton and I support his endorsement, so I won’t be walking out.

“I’ve also heard outside agitators are trying to convince Bernie delegates to leave tonight.”