Crazed Bernie fans at the DNC just called me a ‘corrupt capitalist’

‘Hell no, DNC! We won’t vote for Hillary!’


PHILADELPHIA –– As I approached the latest Bernie or Bust protest to grace the Democratic Convention, I heard the sounds of “Hell no, DNC! We won’t vote for Hillary!” echoing through the air.

One woman in a Bernie Sanders maxi skirt ran up to me and said: “It’s not my fault if Trump wins! I won’t vote for her!” and continued on, spreading her message of love to the line of people behind me.


To be honest, I felt extremely out of place. I, in my bright pink chiffon dress, stuck out like a sore thumb among the earthy tones, crop tops, and home-made t-shirts of Bernie’s supporters.

I was asked many times if I was a delegate because of my appearance, but the encounter that surprised me the most was with a man, whose name I didn’t catch, who told me I was “tied to the capitalist corruption” of this country, simply because I had dressed up nicely to be at the DNC. Though taken aback by his comment, I was fascinated in what he had to say and continued speaking with him.

He told me he was an independent and that “this election is about one thing, re-establishing democracy in the United States.” His main issue of protest seemed to be a need for “fixing the broken tax system in the U.S because it rides entirely on the backs of the middle class.”

And he claimed his dream ticket, aside from Bernie, would be “Jill Stein and Gary Johnson” because “they might have a chance in a three way split, even if Bernie doesn’t run.”


Continuing on through the protest, I encountered a number of larger-than-life Bernie puppets and sarcastic signs. Each member of the crowd appeared to have their own distinct voice in the protest, some more impassioned than others.

From what I could discern, Bernie Sanders represented not only his own campaign and the DNC’s corruption therein, but also the desperate need to direct attention to LITERALLY ANYBODY ELSE running in the election, from Gary Johnson to Jill Stein (both of whom many protesters wished Bernie would join).


As the march continued, I felt it most appropriate to direct my attention to the loudest, most emotional, dedicated Bernie fans in an attempt to capture the true energy of the day.

And thus I present: the Bernie fans who lost their shit at the protest.