What did Bernie Sanders’ campaign mean to you?

‘Bernie seemed to be the most genuine candidate’

Bernie Sanders’ race to become the next president may be over but his supporters say his voice will live on.

Bernie was a candidate who first ran locally and worked his way up to Congress. He ran for his presidency at 74.

He campaigned for free education and to give the people back the power in their democracy, having a huge impact on young people.

Young voters started to back Bernie since he surfaced in this election, so we asked them for their thoughts on what his campaign meant to them.

“He really made people step back and think about the election process and government,” said Jake Barringer, a senior majoring in Electrical Engineering at Penn State.

Paige Landay, a junior at Penn State majoring in Art Education said she thought Sanders had an impact on the American population.

Earlier this year, he came to Penn State to rally for his election. Paige said a lot of students were influenced to his campaign.

Bernie’s message resonated with the younger crowd, however some people admitted some of his downfalls in his campaigning were that he didn’t have enough support or that he wasn’t as well-known.

“I think it’s evident that there is support for his idea. He did get his message out there but he didn’t have enough support,” said Sam Slocum, a junior at Penn State majoring in Math and Economics.

“I think Sanders was someone with different experiences, he seemed to be the most genuine candidate,” said Megan Strickler, who lives in Columbus, Ohio.

Susan Ricchuito, a freelance artist from Pittsburgh said that he made an impact in some ways but not others.

She said he made an impact for the people who were willing to listen to his message but a lot of people may have ignored his campaign, because she said people are more likely to vote for whoever is leading.

Although Bernie may have stopped his campaign and handed over his support to Hillary, people explained what kind of impact he made.

“He got people thinking about progressive politics. He had a strong voice and he stuck to his principles,” said Phil Staub, an attorney from Maryland.

Derek Cruse, a Penn State graduate said that Bernie opened up a conversation about socialism to the people.

Michelle Dempsey, a graduate from Westchester University, said he attracted this younger generation because he stood for the change that generation wanted to see by his campaign.

And Rowan Pallais, a junior at Penn State, majoring in Elementary and Special Education added: “I think he did incorporate a lot of younger voters and drew them into the election process.”