A guy’s guide to what’s attractive versus horrifying on Tinder

‘Dog pictures are always a bonus’

With new technological advances each day, it’s no surprise that online dating has exploded with the changing times. Tinder is one of the many dating apps available today – for those who don’t know, it’s like eHarmony for millennials.

But sadly, some people just don’t know how best to present themselves online to attract others.

It’s surprising how many people (particularly guys) don’t put much thought into how they come across. So guys, here’s how to get more right swipes.

Choose the best possible photos of yourself

It's okay, I didn't want to see your face anyway

It’s okay, I didn’t want to see your face anyway

When choosing your pictures, you should show your face. It sounds shallow, but that’s the very first impression that a potential match is going to have and you want to put your best foot (or face) forward.

Don’t chop your face off in pictures, wear a motorcycle helmet or other concealing headgear, or pick photos with terrible lighting. Ladies want to see YOU.

You are what you eat? Maybe?

You are what you eat? Maybe?

Jennifer Galanti, 20, Appalachian State

“If they have the same girl in every photo obviously it’s an ex or a girl he likes so you’ll never compare to her to him.”

Don’t come across as a cocky jerk

Katie Ruth, 23, Thomasville, N.C.

“I hate seeing pictures of cars on guys’ profiles. For one thing that’s not you, and it always seems to be the same type of guy that’s a bit of a tool.”

Maybe they should just mention their need for speed in the bio instead.

“Dog pictures are a bonus, too.”

I'm sexy, right?

I’m sexy, right?

Amanda Myers, 19, University of North Carolina at Wilmington

“Douche-y gym pics where he’s showing off his abs and pulling his pants down a little are a no-no. This just looks like you’re really conceded and into yourself.”


Show off your priorities

Amanda also says it’s attractive for a guy to mention his family or have pictures with them. “It shows they have good priorities.” And clarify that the girl in your picture is your sister so we don’t assume it’s your ex. That’s just awkward.

Please oh, please, don’t mention anything about my mother in your bio. If your location is set as “ur moms house” it’s an automatic left swipe. And being “‘self-employed” is sketchy as hell, too.

Be open about your intentions

We like it when guys are upfront about their intentions. People that match with each other need to be on the same page. If you’re looking for hook-ups, just say so.

If you’re one of the people using Tinder for potential connections and relationships, make that clear from the start.


This guy clearly knows what he wants

Tinder can be a very good thing if used correctly. But some guys just don’t know how to handle themselves, so they need to be taught. Consider your profile to be a sort of job application. Impress people instead of being weird.

Gigi Gupte, 21, University of Maryland

“I’ve seen where the guy has literally made a Powerpoint on why he is worthy of a right swipe.” Don’t follow his lead, please.

Don't be this guy

Don’t be this guy

Keep sending cheesy pick-up-lines and best of luck finding your online love.