If Chapel Hill bars were your best friends

We’re all TOPO

In Chapel Hill, there’s a bar for every personality and every kind of night out. Dubbed the “center of social life” the three-mile stretch we know as Franklin Street is home to 32 bars, according to the Chapel Hill Downtown Partnership.

While, partying at every single one – even the Crunkleton – should really be a task on the UNC Bucket List, students are aware of the popular spots. In four years, I never made it to every bar – and you probably won’t either. We all have our go-to hangouts. We all have the places we go on a chill night. And, we all have places we go when we’re trying to rage. We have our karaoke spots and our trivia stops. But, among our traditional undergraduate picks, we’ve noticed something.

We can’t really choose a favorite. Each bar is unique… kind of like the friends we go out with. Something about each bar holds a special place in our hearts, similar to the quirks we notice about each of our friends.

You love them all. You just love them differently, you know?

So, here’s to you, Chapel Hill. If some of your bars were our friends, this is exactly who they’d be:

Goodfellows: The friend who just goes with the flow


You’ll end up here eventually – even if it’s not in your original plan – because of its location in the center of Franklin. You’ll stop here for pre-game drinks because you came out too early. Or, you’ll him hit up mid-night out for a Peach LIT because your last stop wasn’t crowded yet. It’s not that you don’t love him, he’s just understanding. He’s laid back enough not to be mad he wasn’t in your original plan; and you know this.

TRU: Your quiet, responsible friend


They’d rather sip a glass of Chardonnay or a teensy Grapefruit marg and talk politics than get drunk on shitty vodka and dance on a table. Classy is often the word they use to describe themselves.

The Library: Your underage friend who is involved in everything


They love Dance Marathon and have planned an abundance of 18+ benefit nights – where you can guarantee a run-in with your freshman brother and twenty of his hallmates.

Back Bar: The friend who is certain they were born in the wrong decade


They live for Thursday nights when they can order Astropop shots and $5 KCI’s while listening to those sweet 90s and early 2000s tracks.

He’s Not Here: Your favorite frat boy


He’ll show up in Sperry’s ready to toss back a few brews with the guys and his favorite girl. He knows how to have a good time – even on a Sunday night. He’s the best place to tailgate a football game. And, you know he always has a place for you when you’re ready to cheer on Roy’s boys.

Country Fried Duck: The friend who is always ready to go


She’s the friend that shows up to your wine night with a bottle of tequila. She’s not having any of your Pink Moscato and she’s ready to party, always. She’d rather die than sit around gossiping. So, let her go be free – listening to Cyclone on repeat, drinking her cheap well vodka and riding that Bull until last call.

Linda’s: The friend who is always there for you in the end


She’s not the first place you go for a good time, but she’s there to comfort you (with a basket of hot cheese fries) when the night gets the best of you.

TOPO: The loyal BFF


You can count on him day and night. On a sunny afternoon, he’s a casual drink on the patio. At 1 a.m. on Saturday, he’s a dance-on-the-table and chat-up-your-hookup kind of establishment. TOPO is our old faithful. Even after the bad nights, you’ll never break up with him; your bond is just too strong. He’s a true Tar Heel.