The best skincare routine if you have eczema

Skincare is everything

Eczema, for those who don’t know, is a chronic skin condition where the skin’s barrier is not as strong, so allergens can enter the body more easily. Many people suffer from eczema, and I am one of them. And it really sucks.

Because of this disease my beauty routine has become longer than what could be considered normal – especially my face skincare routine.

I have eczema not only on my body, but on my face. The eczema on my face could be considered as extremely dry and flaky skin, and my face is prone to having red spots from irritation. I focus more heavily on my face, because that is a point of focus for people. You look at a person’s face first before the rest of them.


There are multiple steps, and you may thing that it is too much, but my skincare routine and all the products are Korean. Many Koreans have beautiful skin because from a young age it is ingrained in their brain that skincare is of upmost importance. Because of this, Korean skincare is much more advanced than american skincare, and much more affordable for the quality you are getting. The base line regime is 10 steps, but because I don’t have much time or money, I had to narrow it down to about four steps daily, six steps a few time a week.

Step one: Face cleanser


Face cleanser is a staple for everyone’s beauty routine. I use a foaming one that leaves my skin feeling clean and refreshed but not tightening and drying like some tend to do with my dry and sensitive skin.

Step two: Toner


Now, we enter unfamiliar territory for some. Toner restores the pH of your skin because the cleanser has stripped away your natural oils and has raised your face’s pH. It also allows the products that follow to more easily soak into your skin. I love this one because it adds more moisture to your skin, which is what I really need more of.

Step three: Serums


Serums are concentrated skin treatments, usually found in stop dropper bottles. You only need a few drops because they are concentrated, and different serums cater to different skin care problems. The two I use are a vitamin C serum, and a snail essence serum. Vitamin C is great for skin health and lightening dark spots over time. Snail essence is great for overall healing of the skin. These have been the real game changer for my skin and I’m so happy I bought these.

Step four: Moisturizer


Probably the most important item for me. If moisturizer didn’t exist I have no idea how I would survive. This one has a more watery consistency and soaks right into the skin which is great to avoid the sticky, greasy feeling moisturizing can cause.

If that sounded like a lot, I’m still not done. I have two treatments I do a few times a week:



Exfoliator is so important because it allows you to scrub the dead skin off so you’re skin stays fresh each week. I use a black sugar scrub which works wonders on my skin. It’s gentle unlike the plastic beads some products have (which are horrible for the environment and I will never use those), and leaves your face feeling great.

Sheet mask


I love using these. They make your face feel awesome once you take them off your face. These are much easier than the masks you have to slather on your face and rinse off. With these, you place the sheet mask on your face for around 15 minutes or until it dries out, and then you take it off and you’re done! Your skin will continue to soak in the excess. It’s a great way to pamper yourself a few times a week.

My journey has caused me to keep up an extensive skincare treatment and there have been fantastic results. My skin is doing so much better and I have my skincare products to thank.

It’s also important to take off all of your makeup before starting the cleansing process. If there’s makeup still on your face, your skin will not be happy and you could end up with a giant zit the next day.

With my experience of bad skin and good skin, proper care and treatment is the best way to go about improving your skin. It’s important to keep up your routine to see results too.

My skincare products are my babies. I love them and would be so lost without them.