Making college more affordable is the first step to helping our job market and economy

The fees are too damn high


The rising costs of college tuition is a concern that many young adults and parents share today. According to studies from, usnews and more college tuition has been steadily rising since 1970’s. The rise in education has only increased from this point.

Not only has tuition increased but there is also less financial aid that the government can offer under its current policies. Grants such as the Pell Grant used to cover about 75 percent of college tuition; now the same grant may only cover about a third of tuition costs.

She got her honorary degree for free

Most jobs require a bachelor’s degree or some type of higher education to fit their needs. With the rising costs of tuition affording this education becomes more and more difficult.

If we want our upcoming generation to get careers and sustain themselves our politicians need to be more proactive about the costs of tuition. With Hillary’s new plan to provide free tuition to families who make $125,000 or less it will give this upcoming generation more of a chance to get the education that they need to get a job.

Offering virtually free tuition to the American population will also help a lot of graduates and future student to have less debt overall. With less debt out of college, this generation can start their lives and start to contribute to society.

Lots of millennials are facing a lot of debt when they graduate because of the high amounts of loans they have after graduation. This can hinder success since a significant source of income will go to these loans.

When politicians such as Hillary work to reduce the debt first hand it means young adults have more spending power. They can use their income to invest in stocks and make down payments on important necessities.

By eliminating debt we are making our next generation more financially stable. Young adults can become consumers straight out of college and more consumers means more business for existing companies.

More business can translate into more jobs and can allow the economy to prosper. With Clinton adding free tuition to her campaign it makes her a more desirable candidate for this election.

I believe we have to start with this upcoming generation if we want to build our economy. We may not be able to repair the damages that have already been done by our trillion dollar deficit but we can start to rebuild the future for America’s next generation.

Offering free tuition as part of her platform will give young adults and the economy the head start that it needs so we as Americans can get back on our feet. If we really want to reshape our economy and rebuild American business and consumerism giving young adults a debt free to start is what we need to vote for in this election.