The best reasons to sleep naked

The only thing you should be wearing to bed is your birthday suit

You’re dozing off and that dreaded moment comes when it is simply too warm to sleep. You stick your leg out from under the covers and wish that there was a better way to cool off so that you don’t wake up with your pajamas drenched in sweat. Wouldn’t life be so much simpler if there were an easy solution to this problem? Maybe get a fan to cool you off?

Or maybe you slip into something a little more comfortable, or out of, rather, those pesky PJs. You cool off quickly, and finally get a restful night of sleep. Here are the top four reasons that the best thing to wear to bed is your birthday suit.

unnamed-1To put it simply, sleep naked if you want comfort

Tossing and turning at night is so much better when you are free from the restrictions of clothing. Even your oldest, softest, most oversized T-shirt cannot beat the sheer blissful comfort of sliding between your sheets with no barrier between you and the cool fabric.

“If you’re like me and roll around a lot clothes kind of fold up and it feels weird. I like sleeping naked because clothes feel restricting at night”  – Gigi, 20.

Sleeping naked is so much more convenient

After a long day of watching Netflix, working, or whatever tickles your fancy, it is so much easier to walk into your bedroom, step out of your clothes, and crawl into bed. No extra digging around in your drawer for pajamas, you don’t have to waste time getting ready for bed if you already are. The truth is you are always ready, just underneath a layer or two of clothing.

“I sleep naked every night and I wouldn’t have it any other way” – Abby, 18.

unnamed-7When you sleep in the nude, you have less laundry to do upon waking up

You do the math. Only wear clothes for half of the day, and you have half of the clothes to wash. That seems like a no brainer. Sleeping naked is the only logical choice if you really think about it. You save on water from doing less loads of laundry and you give yourself the gift of less things to fold. Or, if you’re like me and you have to match everything, you don’t have to waste your money buying matching pajama sets, because guess what… skin matches skin.

Your body is actually happier and healthier when given the room to breathe

When your reproductive organs are constantly covered up by fabric, that allows moisture to build, which raises the probability that you will get a very unwelcome visitor in your downstairs area. By allowing everything to breathe, you reduce this risk. And believe it or not, sleeping naked makes the rest of your body cleaner and healthier too. Pajamas prevent the dead skin cells from sloughing off while you sleep, this leads to clogged pours, acne, and extra time needed in the shower to exfoliate and scrub yourself clean.


When presented with the facts, its difficult to dispute that sleeping naked is the best option. When trying to cool off in the middle of the night, don’t stress about the monster grabbing that one foot dangling outside of the covers. Just remove that extra layer that is separating you from the restful night of sleep that you deserve. It really works to improve your life. If you don’t believe me you can just try it for yourself.