Soccer really is ‘the beautiful game’

You understand how hard that goal was, and you don’t take it for granted

Football, Futbol, fotboli, futebol, football.. but what do we decide to call it? Soccer. Well, there’s our fist mistake. We can’t even get the name right… For some wild reason “soccer” never really caught the attention of American citizens. And as the Euro Cup is currently in full effect, I can’t help but turn into a “footy fanatic,” going to great lengths to catch every game.

But wait — A white girl living in Southern California is a soccer fan? Yep. I would even consider myself a diehard. My sister and I couch surfed our way to the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. Some people call it crazy, we call it passion.

Maybe being half-Italian has a little something to do with it. But still, this sport was tagged “the beautiful game,” and I couldn’t agree more. Here’s why.

When they say World Cup, they actually mean WORLD cup

You compete against nations. You become your countries #1 fan. Villages, towns, cities, regions, Provinces, unite to support their homeland, regardless of economical or political differences.

Don’t you dare come running to me talking about the “World” Series. What world are you talking about? Oh you mean, the US? The soil you live on? Congratulations on beating you’re neighboring state. In the Soccer world, you beat power nations.

It’s more popular than you think

Just because it’s not popular here doesn’t mean it’s not popular in the rest of the world. It’s played in every country! The fan base ranges from every part of the atlas, regardless of age, race, language, status — it brings people together. It is unifying, promoting pride and sportsmanship. And you don’t need much, just a group of good buddies, an open space, and of course a football.

The Game

It’s beautiful. Period. Moreover, it’s fluid and uninterrupted. The match goes for 90 minutes, with only ONE COMMERCIAL BREAK at half time. Incredible, I know. You really get to focus on the game, the players, the ball and tricks. Each game is different; each encounter calls for creativity and strategic skills to defeat the opponent. Oh, and the hat tricks get ridiculous. These players are true athletes. Have you seen Messi?! A universal icon.


I don’t think there’s another sport out there that generates passion the way soccer does. Businesses close, workers leave early, shops hang banners and flags, bars are packed, restaurants are full, and every TV is switched to the game. Differences are set a side as the glasses of wine are poured.

And when there’s goal, the crowd goes wild — I mean WILD. The celebration lasts a good 5 minutes as the commentator yells his long practiced GOOOooOOOOAAL, enemies hug, grandfathers throw their canes in the air, yelling, chanting, and cries fill the air as you respect that goal. You understand how hard that goal was, and you don’t take that goal for granted. It’s beautiful. Therefore it’s the beautiful game.