You have to check out the new Kellogg’s All-Day Cereal Bar

But get ready to pay almost $8 for a bowl of cereal

If you grew up eating cereal in the mornings before school, the brand Kellogg’s probably comes to mind. The popular cereal maker announced recently that it was opening up an all-day cereal bar in the heart of New York City, in Times Square at 1600 Broadway. What better way to start off the fourth of July, than going for a visit?

Kellogg’s cereal bar opened at 8am and I arrived close to 10am. As a person who isn’t coordinated, in balance or location, it was a bit tricky to find. But fear not, it’s on the same block as M&M World, less than a five┬áminute walk from the 49th N/Q/R train station.

Upon entering, it was a quiet atmosphere with two people greeting customers. I was handed a menu before even getting to the counter, which I had already seen online but it was nice to have a physical copy.

The lady who gave me the menu took my order on her tablet and reminded me only debit/credit cards were accepted.

I was then directed to the counter where a man confirmed my order and I paid. I was also given a device that would alert me when my cereal was ready.

I ordered a small Chai Line with soy milk and it wasn’t that bad on my wallet. Obviously, visiting a cereal bar isn’t going to be a daily occurrence to me but it’s a nice indulgence.

As I sat down I realized there were a good amount of people already enjoying their breakfast. There were girlfriends sitting together Instagraming the experience, an elderly man, a couple off to the side who chose to stand with their food and a nice family of four.

My device buzzed within minutes of sitting down and when I walked over to the red section of cabinets I was instructed what to do by an employee.

I simply looked at what number flashed on the device and opened the designated cabinet to find a bag with my food in it. Behind the register, the magic happened. Employees completed the orders and slipped them into the cabinets from the kitchen.

Because I had ordered soy milk, the employee helping me was nice enough to warn me there was dairy in the chai powder. Thankfully, I’m only mildly lactose intolerant so it didn’t bother me.

The atmosphere overall was calm, making it a great start to anyone’s morning. New Yorkers are always on the move: going from one to another, attending school or work. It can sometimes be difficult to sit down for a proper meal.

Kellogg’s cereal bar is a place to come to actually enjoy your food. It’s a colorful and open space where anyone can come in for a quick bite or even go down memory lane with their favorite cereal.

The Chai Line was great. The combination of the crunchy cereal and the sweet peach worked well, although I didn’t really taste the chai powder.

Kellogg’s cereal bar gives its customers the convenience to eat in but also be able to take their unfinished food with them.



Kellogg’s all-day cereal bar is a place to go — even to simply experience it once. The owners and employees want to know what their customers think and like. During my visit, they were attentive and helpful. The food was great and I will definitely go again when my breakfast at home isn’t cutting it.