QUIZ: Can you spot the fake Yeezys?

And where can we get the knockoffs because #broke

In light of Adidas partnering with Kanye, let’s celebrate all the fake yeezys out there. Granted, some of us are quite poor and cannot fund the sky-high $225 MSRP. Now that you’ll eventually be able to cop a pair, it wouldn’t hurt to weed out the cheapskates. Can you spot a fake yeezy?

But don’t you still think it’d be fun to figure out if your buddy is actually boasting about his $45 knockoffs even though he told you they were real? Take the quiz below and see if you’re worthy of sporting a branded pair of Yeezus’ greatest creation: the Yeezy Boost 350.

Not too snappy at spotting the fake Yeezys? Consult this sneakerhead guide to get even more insight when sniffing out the realistic replicas.

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