Pride makeup tutorial in support of the LGBTQ community

At the end of the day, we are all human

Community: a word that is meant to keep all individuals together under any and all circumstances. But in times of communal crisis, it seems as if the community becomes individualized. This month has been  defined by both ends of the social spectrum. This month has shown profoundness in its displays of individual pride and love for one another. But unfortunately, this love was met with great hate.

In the early morning hours of June 12, 2016 in Orlando, FL, tragedy struck humanity once again. During a month that celebrates pride and individuality, humanity was stripped of its pride that night. However, the sorrow that resulted from these events did not dampen the pride that the affected individuals carried in themselves. And like most rainbows after a storm, this display of love, individuality, and happiness truly shined brightest on the faces of the LGBTQ community in the following days.

So I paid tribute to the innocent lives lost as well as in respect to all of the families affected.

Now, with this makeup on my face, I stand proud in this community not as a member, but as just another human. By making such a statement, some have asked, “Well if you’re straight, why do you care so much about this?”

And my answer remains the same, we should all care about this. We are all members of an equal and profound community known as humanity. So indeed you are right, I was not directly affected by the events that unfolded in Orlando, and no I do not belong to the LGBTQ community. But, where you are wrong in your questioning is that there are no dividing factors in humanity.

We all belong to the human race, where we should all proudly and equally stand hand-in-hand next to all other humans – regardless of any differences. Because, like Cyndi Lauper’s song says, “Don’t be afraid to let them show, your true colors. True colors are beautiful.”