Trump supporters aren’t crazy, they just want to see the system burn

They want a leader who is going to burn Washington to the ground

We all know who Donald Trump is. We’re familiar with his rhetoric. We’ve heard about the wall. We know that many people seem to be voting for him. Some of these people are Republicans who are loyal to his cause, and some are just loyal to the party. Some are even Democrats who would rather poke out their eyes than see Hillary in office. One group that isn’t spoken about very often, however, are the voters who believe that Trump is their ticket to the destruction of the system.


These people are more prominent than you think. In the words of Milo Yiannopoulos, a controversial British journalist and open Trump supporter, “there are other groups of people who love Trump too, like me, who just want to see the system burn down because it’s broken and it’s not fit for purpose anymore.” 


Trump is attractive to some people because of the exact reason others hate him. He is loud. He is rowdy. He encourages violence at his rallies. Some Republicans see these outbursts as quirks of his, and consider him a man of bad manners and good ideas. These other supporters encourage him. They want to see these things happen. They want a leader who is going to burn Washington to the ground.

TIME recently published an article which contained a quote by a lifelong Republican who called voting for Trump “the middle finger vote” to “a good ole boy system” that lines the pockets of elites in Washington while neglecting working men and women.”

This group of voters does not want a change in the Republican party. They want to begin anew. They want to fight the establishment rather than subscribe to those who have let them down for so long.

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Though this way of thinking has been popularized, it has been discussed by those Republican and Democrat alike who find it unrealistic (Dan McLaughlin and Jim Geraghty) who argue that the problem stems from the policymakers rather than the system itself and condemns the apathy and impatience of the voters. Geraghty stating; “It doesn’t require you to build anything, to prioritize, to compromise, to show patience. It’s the instant gratification of a temper tantrum, with no concern for any long-term consequences.”