How to maintain a long term relationship and not exile your friends

I’ve been in a relationship for 7 years and I still maintain a social life

I’ve been in a committed relationship for over seven years and never once have I sacrificed friendships for it. However, there are always people (we all have that one friend) who think this is impossible. Once they get in a relationship, they completely lose themselves to the other half of their couple.

I’m here to prove to them that it is, in fact, possible to have friend time when you’re in a relationship.

You don’t have to spend every waking minute with your significant other


You can have a good time with your friends sans boyfriend or girlfriend; I promise it’s possible. While hanging out with your significant other can be fun, your friends aren’t always going to want that; some times they just want to have alone time with you. It’s important to not lose your friends because you’re in a relationship.

Your friends will be okay with spending time with your love too


Don’t get the last section wrong, there can be times where you hang out as a group. Chances are, if you like your significant other and your friends like you, they’ll like him or her too. Group activities can be fun and, if you’re the type to do this, can prevent you from being too gross and coupley in public.

Just like your friends need alone time, your significant other does too


It’s important to still have alone time with your significant other, but this doesn’t have to take up the majority of your time. You can’t neglect your friends because you’re in a relationship, but you also shouldn’t neglect the relationship. It’s all about that happy middle.

Make sure your friends know they’re important to you


If you ditch your friends for your boyfriend, you won’t have friends for much longer. You can’t treat a friendship like it’s less important to you and expect it to last. People don’t like being treated like garbage. Make sure you spend time with your friends and they know they matter to you.

Spending time apart from your significant other or in groups is good for the relationship


It’s not healthy to spend every single minute of your time with your significant other. Spend time together in groups every once in a while, have a girls’ or guys’ night out away from each other, enjoy company with other people. You should want to spend time with both your friends and your boyfriend or girlfriend.

Think about how it would make you feel if one of your friends ditched you for a date

13432353_10155003863314251_4662125516805804310_n Examine your reasonings. Why would you want to lose a friendship over a relationship? Is that friendship not important to you? Do you see it as a dead end of some sort? Ditching your friend for a relationship will hurt your friend and strain the friendship. People can prioritize and make themselves available to friends and significant others alike. There’s no need to have your head up your other’s ass.

When you’re in a new relationship, it’s hard to make time away from your significant other for your friends but it’s necessary. Don’t leave your friends by the waste-side; they may not still be there when you have more time for them. If you’re the type of friend to desert your posse for a significant other, I advise you to check yourself before you lose all your friends.