The best things about the Astoria Park Carnival

Get me to the Candy Castle

Despite summer arriving only a week ago, New Yorkers have been outdoors enjoying the great weather for a while now. In my bias opinion, there is no better place to spend your summer (or¬†to live in general) than Astoria. It’s away from the crowded city but still full of entertainment.

Residents head on over to Astoria Park for a nice jog on the track or to take a casual stroll through the park. The East River provides great water views and the bridges are a beautiful sight at night.

Astorians also go to Astoria Park for the annual summer carnival that transforms the parking lot into a sea of rides and food.

The great thing about the carnival is, buying tickets is optional. If you plan on going on rides, tickets are necessary but if you simply want to walk around and look at the attractions, you can walk in without paying a cent.

In case you’re an Astorian yourself and haven’t ventured into Astoria Park for the carnival or you’re from other parts of NYC and find yourself bored next summer, here’s every¬†reason you’ll ever need for why you should stop by.

The Ferris Wheel

A summer carnival isn’t complete without a ferris wheel to hop on for a great view. If you aren’t afraid of heights, like myself, you can go on with friends, family or even a date. You can even time it right to watch the sunset over Astoria.


This isn’t anything like the classic Cyclone at Coney Island, but it’s still an exciting ride. You’re strapped in and hold on while the ride spins at high speeds. The entire family can join in on this or opt out to have a seat in front of it.

Candy Castle

It’s the go-to place to satisfy your sweet-tooth. They have everything you would want: tasty popcorn, colorful icies, candy apples and of course, cotton candy.

Polar Bear Ice Cream

Summer nights can be warm and although the East River does give a cooling breeze, there’s still delicious ice cream to enjoy. They have endless options for everyone in the family.

The Carousel

A carousel is another staple of carnivals. Sadly, this one isn’t big enough for adults but children can still take a ride with their parents by their side.

Game Stand

Friendly workers welcome people to take a turn playing their game. With a prize guaranteed, there’s nothing to lose. The different plush toys attracted children and begged their parents to win one for them.


If sweets aren’t your thing, pizza was also an option. New York pizza is one of a kind and it’s never a bad time to have a slice.

Firehouse fries

This stand offered a variety of actual food like chicken tenders and french fries or curly. There were also the classics: corn dogs and soft pretzels. And if you’re thirsty, you can’t go wrong with iced coffee and iced tea.


The carnival also had thrill rides like Delusion which started off slow but eventually speeds up. Riders are turned every which way. Simply looking at the ride in action will get your adrenaline pumping.

Rock Star

Rock Star was another ride that took you up to a great height, where you would stay for a few moments and then come rushing back down. It’s calmer than Delusion, but still fun.

The Astoria Park Carnival is a great event for the Astoria community. Everyone from NYC is welcome to join in on the fun. Next year, make sure to stop by and check it out for yourself. It might just become your new favorite spot in the Big Apple.