There’s no better beach than Robert Moses

It may not be the fanciest, but we love it anyways

For anyone who has grown up on Long Island, you’re familiar with a man named Robert Moses. Well, maybe not the man himself, but you’re very familiar with the State Park and beach named after him. Especially for those of us who are centrally located on the island, Robert Moses has become a second home in the summer. No, it may not have an elaborate boardwalk like the Jersey Shore beaches or a concert venue or restaurant like LI’s own Jones Beach, but Robert Moses continues to hold a special place in all of our hearts, and here’s why:

Several fields

Unlike some beaches on Long Island, Robert Moses is unique in its size. With five fields to choose from, along with five miles of shoreline, beachgoers have the luxury of choosing the “best” field, whether it be the one with the picnic areas (fields 2, 3, 4), volleyball court (field 2), golf course (field 2), or simply the concession stand, beach shops, and restrooms (all 5 fields!) Field 5 is also notorious for being a gateway to Fire Island through a short walk—another luxurious beach, but still falls short to good ‘ol Bobby Moses.

IMG_6897Garbage pails

This may sound dumb, but one of the nice things about Robert Moses is that it has garbage pails scattered around the beach for guests’ convenience. Some may find it irritating as it “disrupts” the beach appearance or attracts seagulls, however, nearby garbage pails are extremely helpful (and necessary) when spending a day at any beach. Don’t take it for granted, friends, because lots of beaches don’t have any trashcans on the sand. (Ahem, Fire Island!) And let’s be honest: no one wants to lug empty bottles, dirty napkins and other trash around with them.

The waves

South shore beaches mean direct access to the Atlantic Ocean. And oceans mean waves. For the people who have visited any of the north shore beaches, you know that waves are basically non-existent and that’s because the body of water is not an ocean—it’s the sound. If you want to surf, ride the waves, boogie board, or simply listen to the soothing sound of waves crashing on the shore, Robert Moses is the place for you. And shout-out to the lifeguards who make sure you’re staying within the green flags and help you out if the riptide gets just a tad too strong for you to paddle out of.

IMG_6899Smooth sand

Another no-brainer for beach lovers, but something we all take for granted. Robert Moses has smooth sand—both on the shore and in the water. Again, many of the North Shore beaches are rocky and make it impossible to walk, lounge, or stand near the water without pain. Thanks, Robert Moses, for making walks along the beach extremely painless and beautiful!

IMG_6898Friendly faces

It’s almost a guarantee that a visit to Robert Moses entitles you to seeing at least one friendly face during your trip. Field 2 and 3 essentially become a mini high school reunion by the end of the day! This beach is so centrally located that it makes it convenient for anyone on the island to visit during the summer, and therefore, meet up with many of your friends across the island.

IMG_6901Volleyball Courts

Come on… are you even surprised that this is listed? As a current volleyball player, the sand courts are basically my second home. Bonus: they stay up all summer and allow for 21 games at once. Doesn’t get better than that!


I’m talking proximity both from the parking lot to the beach and from my own house to the beach. Driving 25 minutes and paying $10 per car (assuming you don’t have a pass) is a bargain compared to others who drive hours to get to a decent beach. Living on an island definitely has its perks. And, the parking lot is large enough to guarantee you a spot, yet small enough that you won’t be walking for miles with all of your beach necessities before reaching the sand.


So, no, it may not have a Ferris wheel or endless shops, and it may not even be known to people outside of Long Island, but Robert Moses is a key essential of home. As a Long Islander, your summer just isn’t complete without one visit to this fantastic beach.