We caught up with the creator of the Trump-loving ‘freedom girl’ group

‘Donald Trump told them they were pretty’

Six months ago, the earth stood still as three star-spangled girls burst onto the stage to sing for Donald Trump at a rally in Florida.

The USA Freedom Kids opened for the reality TV star in Pensacola with a bizarre anthem proclaiming him America’s next President. The lyrics, which nearly had enough syllables to fit on each line, included such gems as:

Enemies of freedom, face the music.
Come on, boys, take ’em down!
President Donald Trump knows how to make America great.
Deal from strength or get crushed every time.

Freedom-loving Florida realtor and dad Jeff Popick came up with the idea for the group two years ago with his daughter Alexis, 9, the lead singer of the group.

We caught up with Jeff, now America’s biggest name in patriot pop, to see where he’s taking the girls next.

Going back to the rally in Pensacola, what was it like? Did you meet Donald Trump?

We met most of the campaign. The girls spent a minute or two with Donald Trump, they really liked him. He was a real pleasant guy. He actually made the comment of how pretty they looked, how sharp they were dressed. I think it was my daughter who handed him one of my CDs of the song, to which he said, “Oh, I’m going to listen to this all night!”


What have you been up to since?

We actually have an album coming out in about two weeks, and so that’s exciting. It’s our first full length album. At the moment the songs are all patriotic, some of them are what I would call old favorites. We’ve taken some and remixed them into contemporary dance songs, which is really cool. And then we even have some original songs that we have created with scratch. One is called The National Anthem Part Two, which basically does take the Star-Spangled Banner and remixes it into a dance anthem. One is called Dream Big, Work Hard, which is sort of a daddy-daughter song, which is a very endearing song, it’s a piano tune. We have another song called American Mommies, which salutes mothers and women. We have Grand Old Flag, which was remixed into a hip-hop version. There are so many genres within the patriotic scene.


How did USA Freedom Kids start?

This was a project I was working on for about a year and half, nearly two years before Trump announced his campaign. For so many people, the first thing they ever saw of the kids was the Donald Trump thing, so it seemed like we were political. But we’re really not political, the girls like to perform, and we just like to promote freedom. So really that’s been a little bit of a challenge, not that I think there’s anything wrong with it – but at their heart, they’re performers with little to do with politics other than the perception of it.

So do the kids support Donald Trump?

These are little kids. They’re not political. The youngest girl is nine years old, so they don’t know.

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Tell us a bit more about USA Freedom Kids – is it a business venture or a fun project?

It started as a fun project. A lot of times I try to explain to people that this project, it’s patriotic and all, and I like music, but it really is a project between a father and a daughter. I really just wanted to spend more time with my daughter doing things that she liked to do. She’s been dancing she’s been walking, and ultimately singing and performing. Long story short, we came up with this concept, and they’re grouped together, and now you know then as the USA freedom kids. It’s a lovely thing to do with a father and a daughter, and it’s become quite a venture. I call it a win-win. I get to spend so much time with my daughter, I’ve got to know these amazing other girls and their parents. We do a lot of stuff for veterans groups, and military, and first responders. It’s such an awesome thing to see these young girls doing what they do, it’s extraordinary.


Do you think Trump can win?

That’s the 64 billion dollar question! I don’t have a crystal ball anymore these days, we’ll have to wait and see.

Would you like him to win?

I think he’d help this country in some ways that we desperately need. For me, personally, and again I’m not in politics, but the most important thing as a human being, an American that we have a president who is a Commander-in-Chief, and in that capacity Donald Trump will step up big. I think freedom, and the protection of our freedom – human rights – that has been a perpetual battle since the beginning of time, but I think Donald Trump will step up and protect our freedoms.