Here’s a definitive list of everything Trump hates on Twitter

There’s a lot

Donald Trump is known as one of the most controversial candidates and takes most of his feuds and feelings into the Twittersphere.

He has taken on publications as large as Fox and as small as Union Leader, a newspaper in New Hampshire. He hates people as obvious as Hillary Clinton and as irrelevant as Ronda Rousey.

Nothing seems to hold him back, so to help keep track of everything going on with @realDonaldTrump, we made a list of everything he hates, according to his Twitter account starting in November 2015 (and trust me, this was well over enough material).


Barack Obama

Hillary Clinton

Ted Cruz

Congrats Ted on being Donald’s most insulted on his account

Jeb Bush

Elizabeth Warren

Megyn Kelly

Karl Rove

Carly Fiorina

Martin O’Malley

Ronda Rousey

George Will (columnist for the Wall Street Journal)

John Kasich

Bill de Blasio (mayor of New York)

Lindsey Graham

Cookie Roberts (NPR commentator)

Bill Kristol (political analyst and commentator)

Jennifer Rubin (blogger for the Washington Post)

Cheri Jacobus (strategist and prez of PR co.)

Marco Rubio

Katy Tur and Deb Sopan (NBC news correspondents)

Michael Nutter (mayor of Philadelphia)

Rick Wilson (reporter for New York Daily Mail)

Glenn Beck (radio host)

Chuck Todd (moderator on Meet the Press)

Samuel L. Jackson

Alisyn Camerota (CNN co-anchor)

Mitt Romney

Morty Zuckerman (owner of New York Daily News)

Katie Couric (Yahoo! Global News anchor)

Shepard Smith (Fox reporter)

Publications and companies

The Wall Street Journal

Vanity Fair



Fox News

Morning Joe

The New York Times



The Washington Post

Their press credentials were briefly revoked


Meet the Press with Chuck Todd

The Union Leader (New Hampshire newspaper)

New York Daily News



ISIL and radical Islamic terrorism

Illegal immigrants

And immigrants in general


All media against him

Things Donald Trump actually likes

Tom Brady


The elephants at the circus

Bernie Sanders

Michael Douglas

And as Trump continues in his campaign, the list is sure to only lengthen with more people, places and things.  One thing we can all agree on is that he does like himself…a lot. That will never change.

But we must not forget the greatest comeback: