I asked my Bernie friends if a Warren ticket would sway them to Hillary

‘My hand will still be shaky with guilt and remorse’

This morning it was reported that Hillary is actively vetting Elizabeth Warren as a potential running mate.

At the same time, the Wall Street Journal says Bernie “isn’t particularly interested in the job, nor is he expecting to be offered it.”

We are frequently told that that Warren’s addition to the ticket could boost Hillary’s appeal to progressives and help her sweep up disaffected Bernier fans. But is that really true?

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I reached out to a dozen of my most pro-Bernie college friends to ask them how they feel about it. Would they be more comfortable voting for Hillary if she had a progressive like Warren on the ticket? This is how they responded.

Many said yes…

Nate Brand, who is from New Jersey, said it would send the right message about the Democratic nominee. “It would signal to me that Hillary wasn’t fully intending on being a centrist, so it would increase my chances of voting for her,” he told me.

“Warren would definitely make voting Hillary more fulfilling,” said Joe Viola. “I’m just more concerned with making sure Trump isn’t in office. I was a Bernie supporter, but I’ll gladly take Hillary over anyone else.”

Another friend Ben Walton, who like Warren is from Massachusetts, said, “I’m voting for Clinton in any case, but a Warren VP is certainly more appealing than Rahm Emanuel or de Blasio.”

Helen Woods said, “I’d love to see someone on her ticket more far left than she is – like maybe Jill Stein? – but I’m voting for Hillary regardless of who she puts on her ticket because as a queer woman I don’t have the privilege not to.”

Some also said yes, but reluctantly

Courtney Leto, told me, “The key word being more. I will be more comfortable if Hillary has a progressive like Warren on the bill, but my hand will still be shaky with guilt and remorse when I fill in the circle next to her name.”

She said she was skeptical about Warren having a serious influence. “Hillary will proceed business as usual, and I’m not sure that will be much different with a progressive VP. Will I sleep better at night with Warren (or another progressive) by her side? Maybe, but not much.” 

Sarah Robertson summed up how many Americans seem to be feeling at this point in the campaign. “I think I am not alone in that I feel very disillusioned with our entire political system. Of course Warren on her ticket would make me feel better if I were to vote for her, but that doesn’t make anything less ‘icky’.”

Others said they were worried about Warren’s seat

Lucas Olson, said, “I want Warren to stay in the Senate and keep raising Hell, rather than risk a Republican or a less motivated Democrat taking her seat.”

Ryan Marchant, agreed, telling me, “Personally, I’d like Elizabeth Warren to remain in the Senate, where she can be an effective voice for change along with Bernie Sanders. But I could be convinced to vote Clinton with Warren on the ticket.”

It was recently reported that there is a loophole that will prevent Republican governor, Charlie Baker, from appointing a permanent replacement, which may ease some progressives’ nerves about Warren’s seat.

And some Bernie voters won’t be voting at all

Jason Shepard, Northvale, NJ, said, “I’m not voting. POC are going to be blown to bits no matter who is president. I’m focusing on building mass social movements to oppose these assholes in power.”