The outfits at the Belmont Stakes were so, so Belmont Stakes

And the winner is…

As many of us know, Long Island has its own version of the Kentucky Derby, but slightly smaller. The Belmont Stakes is the third race in the series of races where a horse has the opportunity to claim the triple crown. Sadly, no horses followed the famous American Pharoah in the title this year. Actually, the horse who won, Creator, was quite far from the favorite to win this race. (To those of you who took the lucky bet on Creator, congrats!)

As a newbie to these events, I was in for a shock. My only real encounter with race-day attire was through Pinterest and Instagram. I showed up in one of my best dresses, nicest (and comfortable) Dr. Scholl’s heels, and one of my mom’s derby style hats, and enjoyed the views. Alongside all of the new horse-related terms I learned this weekend at the Belmont Stakes, I also learned what people generally wear to these kinds of events. If you guessed correctly, you guessed that you would see fancy dresses, colorful suits, and fun sun hats. Here are just a handful of the best dressed at the event:


Loving these hats, and these dress colors.


Color coordinated and everything. Was that a coincidence?


Bowties are everything.


Statement necklaces on statement necklaces. They all look amazing.


“I look like an Easter egg.” Yes, this is a direct quote, but her dress colors were spot on!


Best time of the year for these florals, especially the ones on their hats.


Topping it off with vintage-y sunglasses.


One word: Pastels.


Coral is definitely a favorite at Belmont this year.


You can never go wrong with pastels, and your go-to accessories.


Bright colors on a sunny day are always a must.


Maybe I’m a little biased, but their Lilly dresses are perfect.


A little bit of pink can make the day brighter!

IMG_0661 Bowties and bows seem to be a recurring theme here.  A+ effort on these outfits.