Everyone should travel to Dubai at least once

You’ve never seen anything quite like it

Every time you tell someone that you’re going to Dubai for a vacation, they say, “Why? There’s so little to do.” They couldn’t be more wrong.

Dubai is located on the southeast coast of the Persian Gulf and is the capital of the Emirate of Dubai, one of the seven emirates that make up the country.

Wondering what you can do there in a week?

Brunch at Burj-Al-Arab, Jumeirah Beach, Dubai

This distinctive sail-shaped wonder of Burj Al Arab Jumeirah is more than just a stunning hotel – it is a symbol of modern Dubai – but it’s the service within that really makes the Burj Al Arab Jumeirah so extraordinary.

As I walked in to the lobby of this sail shaped wonder, I was amazed at the architecture. Using red, white, blue and gold, the architect has made this place so beautiful that every one who walked it after me had the same reaction as I did: an open mouth with a feeling of wonder as we all gazed up at the stunning crossed ceiling of this hotel.

This is also a place that garnished my cappuccino with gold and served me the best chicken pistachio salami I’ve ever eaten. All in all, it’s worth every penny you spend.

Repeatedly voted the world’s most luxurious hotel, this magnificent destination offers you the finest service and facilities throughout – right down to an optional chauffeur-driven Rolls-Royce. Burj Al Arab has a Jumeirah suite-only accommodation.




Conquer one of your biggest fears at Desert Safari, Dubai

Ever worried about an unintentional accident that leads to a car overturning on a road? How about when its done intentionally? On sand dunes? Fasten your seat belts and set your gears to four wheel for the most unexpected and the scariest  ride of your life.

Drift across and bash sand dunes and once it’s over, you’ll feel like you conquered everything.  You get to experience desert sports, hold a hawk, ride a camel, eat barbecue dinner at a desert camp, watch the sunset and belly dance!

When I sat in the car to experience this ride, I had no idea what I signed up for.  I mean, how scary could a drive across sand dunes be? The answer: your heart will skip ten thousand beats. I screamed all the way through it and I would love to go again. You might not remember anything about your trip to Dubai, but you will definitely remember this.

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At the top!

Check off an item on your bucket list and visit the 125th out of the 160 floors of Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world. At over 828 metres (2,716.5 feet) and more than 160 stories, Burj Khalifa is definitely not going to fit in your camera frame.

Also, the view from the top is spectacular!



Need for speed, Ferrari World, Abu Dhabi

Dedicate a day to fast rides. Located on Yas Island in Abu Dhabi, Ferrari World is the first and only Ferrari-branded theme park and has the record for the largest space frame structure ever built.

Ride a Ferrari across Yas Island, try Ferrari go-karting, or conquer Formula Rossa – which at the top speed of 149 mph, is the fastest roller coster in the world!

PS: this place is not for the faint hearted.


Take your shopping experience to another level

Dubai is truly a land of extremes, and The Dubai Mall is a shopping mall in Dubai and the largest mall in the world by total area. With every brand you can possibly name, it also has a 250-room luxury hotel, 22 cinema screens plus 120 restaurants and cafes.

More over, you can experience the most spectacular dance performance that water can or will ever give, at the Dubai Fountain, which is also located at an external area in the mall. Also, the music used for the fountain show is highly catchy and very addictive.


Take a pleasant walk by Dubai Marina

Dubai Marina is a district in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Dubai Marina is an artificial canal city, built along a two-mile (3 km) stretch of Persian Gulf shoreline.  It accommodates more than 120,000 people in residential towers and villas. It is located on Interchange 5 between Jebel Ali Port and the area which hosts Dubai Internet City, Dubai Media City, and the American University in Dubai.

When you are done taking your walk, I highly recommend eating dinner at any of the restaurants along the marina and DO NOT SIT INSIDE. Get one of the outside tables.

Tip – the home made Gelato at Stephano’s is to die for.


Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, Abu Dhabi

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is located in Abu Dhabi, the capital city of the United Arab Emirates and is considered to be the key for worship in the country. The mosque was constructed from 1996 to 2007. It is the largest mosque in the United Arab Emirates.

As tourists, it is a great place to experience some peace and you also get to wear an Abaya.


Visit Atlantis, for real

Atlantis, The Palm is a UAE hotel resort located at the apex of the Palm Jumeirah in Dubai. It was the first resort to be built on the island and is themed on the myth of Atlantisbut includes distinct Arabian elements. The 1,539 room nautically themed resort has two accommodation wings, and also includes a water Aquaventure theme park , a conference center, and 20,000 square feet (1,900 m2) of retail space.

The resort also has a Dolphin Bay (45,000 square meters) in which guests can swim and interact with dolphins at Atlantis. It has 7 luxury restaurants, that serve everything from Indian to continental and among those seven, is Poseidon Cafe which serves excellent Atlantis themed desserts and coffee and Gordon Ramsay’s Bread Street Kitchen & Bar, where I suggest you eat everything. It’s all freaking amazing!

Oh and don’t forget to kiss the Dolphins, go scuba diving, take a yacht ride, shop at Levant, go to the water park and enjoy the stunning view of palm jumeirah.


For those like me, who enjoy and are willing to spend money on fancy hotels, luxury car rides, amazing food, architecture and checking off all extreme items off their bucket list, this place is heaven.

It is perfect for a family vacation, because it is super relaxed. It was indeed, the best family vacation I have ever taken. And it makes for stunning Instagram pictures!