Sexist things you’ve definitely heard if you’re a girl who games

‘Seriously though, who taught you how to play video games?’

The female gaming community is growing every day, but many gamers in the overall community ask why there aren’t more women involved. Although this is not always the case and there are a lot of great communities in the gaming world, it is common for a female gamer to receive sexist remarks both online and offline.

If you are a woman who plays video games or have female friends who game, you may have heard a variation of the following classic one-liners:

Casual Gamecube controller chilling in my purse because you never know when you need to play some Super Smash Brothers Melee

Casual Gamecube controller chilling in my purse because you never know when you need to play some Super Smash Brothers Melee

You only play video games to get attention

People find it mind blowing when you tell them that you are a girl who is into video games, especially eSports. Just because we may have vaginas does not mean we can’t enjoy things that are stereotyped as male hobbies. A lot of times women don’t even speak up about their love for gaming just because people will jump ahead and assume it’s for attention. Like no, I don’t just play video games to get attention.

And yes, I will beat you in Mariokart.

So… you’re a lesbian right?

Since when was there a correlation between sexuality and video games? You see people of all races, genders, religions, and sexualities playing video games. How about we don’t make assumptions of people?

You’re a girl who is a high rank on an online game? You probably got carried

For those who don’t know what this mean, they’re basically saying that I had someone else (presumably a male) help me win my games because clearly women can’t be good at video games. People are always just salty.

Hate the game, not the player.

I got these moves like Janna.

I got these moves like Janna

You’re a girl who plays video games? That’s hot – are you single?

None of your business. I am surprised by how often this happens to me and my other female friends that play video games.

Maybe it’s better to just pretend they’re joking.

I’m a high rank in [insert online video game], does that mean I’ll get laid

Yes, someone actually sent this question to me via Tumblr. In fact, it happened TWICE.

I think my response summed up how I feel:

Screen Shot 2016-06-10 at 5.54.00 PM

You play video games? But you’re so pretty!

Wait, beauty and gaming has a correlation now too? Have you guys ever even seen Hafu? She is GORGEOUS!

Seriously though, who taught you how to play video games?

Because there is no possible way a woman could ever play a video game without someone teaching them. I wish I was joking about this line.

A Gamestop employee awkwardly asked me this one when I was buying the Starcaft II: Heart of the Swarm. It was the most cringe worthy moment I have ever experienced. Which leads me to the next line.

You probably only play Mario games

Personally, I play an array of games ranging from League of Legends and Overwatch all the way to Elderscrolls and Sid Meier’s Civilization V. But who cares what women play? Or anyone for that matter.

Play video games because you like them. Plus Mario games are dope – who doesn’t play them?

We ladies take our desktops seriously.

We ladies take our desktops seriously.

I bet you only play video games because your boyfriend made you

Ah yes, because there is no other reason why a woman would play video games. Gotta impress our boyfriends and whatnot.

Ladies be careful – they’re onto us.

[In online-game] Oh you’re a girl? You’re probably fat and ugly

Why don’t you ask me to go make a sandwich for you while you’re at it. I would like to hope that people only say these type of comments because they have low self-esteem. But honestly, why try to bring down a stranger. I understand it’s easy to rage in an online game, but why take it out on everyone else?

What other one-liners have you guys heard?