Why running is the best sport

There’s no monthly membership fee when the whole world is your gym

When you’re having a terrible Monday, run. When you want to spend time with friends, run. When you’re trying to erase the guilt of eating an entire apple pie, run. Running is without a doubt, the best sport in the world, and here’s why:

Widely loved

Running is a sport for anyone and everyone. People in every country of all ages love running. It is a sport where everyone is welcome and can excel if they are committed. Meeting people who share the same passion for hard work is unavoidable. Races, practices and even daily solo runs are a great way to connect with people who share the same passion for torturing their bodies. It allows you to build a community based on that alone. I have become friends with an amazing group of people just by joining the running club at school, where every day we meet and challenge each other, and of course, we never forget to have fun.



The feeling you get after a run makes all of the hard work worthwhile. Knowing you took time out of your day to fit in an excellent workout feels great. When you run, you do it for yourself – there is no one to please and it is all a mind state. It’s as simple as lacing up your shoes and taking the first few strides off of your front door steps. Staying on your grind takes great work ethic and really speaks enormously about a person’s values, as running is definitely challenging. Though it is a tough sport, it’s very therapeutic. When those feel-good endorphins are released, it’s almost euphoric. 


Inexpensive gear

Running is so cheap, it ain’t even funny!  All you need to get out there and hit the trails is a pair of tennis shoes. Sure, if you are really into it, you can invest in some top notch running shoes, but it’s all just preference. There is no requirement to buy shoulder pads, fancy sticks, or a good ‘ol ball of pigskin. Even race entries are reasonably priced, and once again, totally optional. 5k races have become very popular in recent years, as events like The Color Run, Tough Mudder and even inflatable themed races, have encouraged people to run in new and exciting ways. Another plus is that there is no need to make gym membership payments, because the great outdoors is your gym. The low cost of running is very appealing and is definitely financially appreciated long term.

Tough Mudder

Health benefits

Running can do the body wonders. Not only will you be able to reach peak physical condition through running, but it also helps you sleep better at night, and even manage stress levels. Running involves using almost all of your muscles, which is another reason why it is so popular as a whole-body workout. Going out for a run can also help you catch some Z’s at night, as it tires you out and allows you to relax, leading to a good night’s sleep.


It’s fun!

This is the statement every runner has said to someone and was then perceived as insane. Running is awesome because it allows you to explore the world around you and be one with nature. Running for distance in your hometown, where roads are infinitely lined by cherry orchards, or even a quick sprint down State St. in Ann Arbor, both provide unique experiences, that can only be accomplished by being in the moment.

World's happiest runners