‘I’ve been called a racist, sexist, and a homophobe’: Meet the college women voting for Trump

‘People don’t understand why a woman would vote for Trump’

I asked college women voting for Trump some questions about expectations from a Trump presidency, whether they agree with his policies, their opinion on “banning Muslims” until the system is fixed, and if they’ve received any backlash.

Here’s what they had to say.

Myah, 19, political activist and paralegal in the Texas Army National Guard, Tarleton State


“I would expect stricter immigration laws, more foreign involvement with ISIS, and free-er trade. Less government involvement in business, at least I would hope,” Myah explains.

When it comes to Donald Trump’s speech, she says that she agrees with what he says about his policies, although: “I think he could do it more tactfully.”

Trump in the past has said that he would “a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until our country’s representatives can figure out what is going on.” Myah agrees with this statement, “but I don’t think it can be regulated. Anyone can lie about their religion. It’s a religion not a race. I don’t think it should be just one nationality but everyone until we can get our terror threat under control.”

Being a Trump supporter Myah has received “tons of backlash being called racist and a bigot just for supporting him.”

Kaila, 19, Engineering major, New Jersey Institute of Technology


Kaila anticipates a revival of honest politicians and the American people actually having representative government with a Trump presidency. “I feel that our economy and healthcare will be revitalized, our trade deficit will be balanced, our constitutional rights and national security protected, and our foreign involvement scaled back to a reasonable level to regain the respect that we deserve from the world as a superpower and fix domestic problems.”

For the most part, Kaila does agree with Trump’s policies but: “the only area I really disagree with him on is the Patriot Act and eminent domain. I’m formerly a Libertarian, so I want government out of citizen’s private lives as much as possible. Otherwise, most of his other policies are a step in the right direction, and I respect him for being brave enough to be outspoken in this PC culture.”

Kaila concurs with the opinion of not allowing Muslims into the country until the immigration system can be figured out. “I agree because according to the Pew Research Center, a very large amount of Muslims worldwide hold animosity towards the United States. A significant amount are in support of Sharia law, which is against our western principles. Terrorist activity is unfortunately on the rise. Since there is a migrant crisis wreaking havoc on western Europe currently, we do need to fix our screening methods to prevent another tragedy like San Bernardino.”

She adds: “Obama and other current representatives refuse to call radical Islam for what it is. I am not against American Muslims. However, a temporary shutdown on new travel would be wise until we can fix the broken system.”

Kaila says that she has had a difficult time telling people about about her Trump support, especially because she is a Hispanic female.

“Yeah, I’ve had a hard time telling people about it. A lot of people have negative views on him fueled by the media. I have converted a few friends from Bernie to Trump. Usually, I feel I have to be silent about my views since my school is near NYC and is very liberal. However, I’ve been becoming more outspoken about my beliefs. I am a Hispanic female, so people tend to be shocked that I am supporting him.”

Final thoughts: “I feel people will warm up to him after the debates with Hillary.”

Breann, 17, student


Breann expects an assertive approach by a Trump presidency, which can have its positives and negatives. “I think with his strong opinions he will take an effective stance against our enemies like ISIS and with his experience in business he will know to surround himself with the right people (namely a great cabinet).”

She’s not always been behind Trump, “as he claims the nominee position next to Hillary Clinton, I know it’s imperative that Republicans stand behind him no matter what differing opinion you have. It’s crucial to give the power back to the right and after the death of Justice Scalia, ensure that the Supreme Court nominees lean that way.”

Breann adds: “He hasn’t been the clearest on policy at all times but I absolutely love that he wants to back up the Second Amendment and has discussed defunding Planned Parenthood. Things come about where I’m not 100 percent sure about his ideals but that’s why our government has ‘checks and balances’, to stop and reanalyze bad choices.”

When it comes to Trump’s comment on the shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until the system is figured out Brenna says: “Where I don’t think that’s constitutionally right it may be necessary to cut down the chances of terrorist occurrences (namely, ISIS). I completely support restricting entrance of people and refugees from the middle eastern ‘problem countries’ like Syria, Iran etc. in general.”

Most of the backlash that Breann gets for supporting Trump surprisingly comes from her fellow Republicans. “People love to claim that Trump supporters are terrible people but when you see the videos of men, women and kids being harassed after Trump campaign events/rallies it baffles me.”

Final thoughts: “Rallying behind Trump is necessary, we cannot risk the chance of four years with Hillary.”

Colleen, Flager College


With Trump as President, Colleen believes there would be a couple of really good things to come of it. “For one, I believe that we would see fewer illegal immigrants coming in from Mexico. Whether that be because he did build a wall, or if he made border patrol a lot stronger. The only ones who would really hurt from that would be factories who pay them less money because they’ll work for less.

“Another thing that we could expect to see would be a lot less teenagers being recruited by ISIS overseas. Trump has clearly stated that he wants to shut down parts of the internet that allows that to happen. That would be beneficial to everyone except ISIS.

“Trump has also said he wants to make security checks for gun ownership a lot stronger too. We would see that happening and hopefully then a lot fewer shootings in America. People kill people. Not guns.”

Most importantly, Colleen wouldn’t see what she thinks is a liar as president. “We wouldn’t see someone who has cheated her way to the top. So we would expect transparency from our President Trump. We have seen that in his campaign, and that would be wonderful in his presidency.”

Colleen writes that it’s not whether she agrees or disagrees on the issues: “It’s the fact that he says what needs to be said. Sometimes he says things that are absolutely 10000 percent insane and you wouldn’t want a President to say, but then I take a step back and really think about what he said and he has validity to what he’s saying sometimes.

“Looking at what has happened in France, and Brussels and elsewhere it is very hard not to think of what would happen if anything were to happen here in America. We have been very lucky in America that not many wars have come and hit home, or destroying many lives. I was over in Ireland when Brussels happened and knowing that I was that much closer and not knowing what would happen or where the next attack would be was absolutely horrifying. I have to agree with Trump with having a complete shut down. We did Japanese internment camps after Pearl Harbor, and there wasn’t much protest. So why are there protests now when we don’t want to let them in?

“I’ve been called racist and sexist and a homophobe and pretty much every name in the book. A lot of the times people don’t understand how a woman could be for Trump when he sexualizes his own daughters, or when he says out there things about Muslims. I was turned down from a job when they saw I had a Trump bumper sticker.”

Final thoughts: “It’s just funny, people are so open minded to everyone in the LGBTQ* community but are so close minded to people who disagree with them.”