‘Point and laugh at Trump Tower’ protest planned

Thousands have clicked attending

A true American hero by the name of Jon Bershad has created an event for America to bond over the defeat of Donald Trump.

In anticipation of him losing the election this November, thousands are planning to visit New York’s Trump Tower and point their fingers and laugh on November 9th.

The number of attendees is growing rapidly, as the controversy of his candidacy increases.

Organizer Jon says: “On November 9th, the day after Donald Trump has cemented himself forever in history as a loser, let’s have Americans of all stripes and creeds gather at his office to point and laugh.

“Together, we as a nation, will unite in to let Mr Trump know that we all view him as a tiny, little man underserving of our respect.

“What a fun day this will be! Please invite as many people as you want.”

He added to the New York Daily News: “Sadly no one is ever going to pour manure on [Trump], so this is the closest we’ll get.”