Convicted Stanford rapist to only serve half of his six month sentence

He will be housed in protective custody during his sentence

It was yesterday announced that Brock Turner will probably only serve half of his six-month sentence.

According to the NY Daily News, Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Department inmate records show that Turner was booked on June 2nd and is scheduled to be released September 2nd, a mere three months later.

Turner will also be placed in protective custody while in the jail. The Sheriff’s Department states that this is not because of how high-profile the case is, but rather because criminals convicted of sexual assault are frequently a target of violence by other inmates.

Ex-Stanford swimmer, Brock Turner, was recently convicted on all counts of raping an unconscious woman at a college party. His lenient sentence of six months in county jail followed by three years of probation sparked massive outrage, considering the maximum sentence for his crime is 14 years in prison. The prosecution asked for a sentence of six years.