The Stanford rape survivor on why she is remaining anonymous: ‘For now I am every woman’

The prosecutor read out the texts live on air just now

stanford rape case

The prosecutor in the Stanford rape case just appeared on CNN – and read out text messages she had received from the survivor, responding to the global publicity around the case.

“She’s just overwhelmed – she did not expect people to respond this way,” said Santa Clara County Deputy District Attorney Alaleh Kianerci. 

Kianerci said she had received multiple requests from people around the world to meet the victim. Then she read out the victim’s response: 

“I remain anonymous, yes to protect my identity, but also as a statement that all of these people are fighting for someone that they don’t know. That’s the beauty of it. I don’t need labels or categories to prove I am worthy of respect, to prove that I should be listened to.

“I’m coming out to you simply as a woman wanting to to be heard. Yes, there is plenty more that I’d like to tell you about me. For now, I am every woman.”

CNN’s Ashleigh Banfield, who invited Kianerci on to read the texts, was praised this week for dedicating a large portion of her show to reading the survivor’s letter on live TV