We asked Southerners what words they think of when they hear ‘The South’

‘God Bless Texas’

Individually, each of us has a different view of where we’ve grown up and the word-associations that come with it. I had this theory, though, that collectively, people from the South have relatively similar ideas of Southern life and what they associate with it.

To test this theory, I asked my fellow Southern gentleman and belles for a list of three words (or a phrase) that comes to mind immediately after they hear the words “The South.” This is what they came up with.

Taylar, 22, Florida

FullSizeRender 2

“Walt Disney World”

Stacy, 22, Texas


“Beer, bonfires and Cowboys”

Dylan, 22, Florida


“Bugs, heat and sweet tea”

Alexa, 22, South Carolina


“Boots, heat and swimming”

Malik, 22, Florida

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“Stuck in ways”

Meaghan, 24, Louisiana


“Mosquitoes, heat and rebel flags”

Denver, 22, Georgia


“God Bless Texas”

Indeed, Denver. Indeed.

The answers I received varied, but were similar enough to conclude that the South is hot, full of cold beverages, Confederate flags and “fun” outdoor activities. God bless the South.