Racist internet trolls demand segregated pageants after Deshauna Barber wins Miss USA

Miss DC is a member of the US army and an IT analyst

Last night, Deshauna Barber, an Army Reserve office and IT analyst for the US department of commerce, won Miss America 2016.

Following her win, Winning Democrats reports racist conservatives blew up in outrage over Barber’s win because of her skin color. Despite her courage to speak up on the gender equality in our military service, not everyone was OK with the fact that she won over Miss Hawaii. Barber’s response on women in the military was fascinating, since she has firsthand experience with the military.

“As a woman in the United States Army, I think it was an amazing job by our government to allow women to integrate into every branch of the military. We are just a tough as men. As a commander of my unit, I’m powerful, I am dedicated. Gender does not limit us in the United States.”

Barber’s qualifications are astounding: she’s a logistics commander for the 988th Quartermaster Detachment Unit in Forte Meade, MD – even the announcers called her “the most disciplined contestant this year.” However, people online weren’t upset about her qualifications – but her skin color.

Although, it’s terrifying that people online believe that there should be segregated pageants, the worst came from a man who commented on a link on her win.

Although, comments like these are outrageous, we must not forget that she won this pageant with class and against the odds. Racism is still alive today and we can’t let internet trolls bring us down. I think we should all flip our hair to these trolls and racists because Miss DC won the pageant by being the fabulous woman that she is.

As Barber said, “We can be feminine, we can be in beauty contests, we can be models. So there’s stereotypes on both sides that I feel like I’m breaking them by even being here and being able to compete for Miss USA.”