We asked Florida natives if their state is part of ‘The South’

What do you think?

Due to Florida’s peculiar mixed population and cultural background, it’s easy to question whether Florida, a state technically in the south, is a part of ‘the South’.

Today, I went to the Tallahassee streets and asked ten people:

Is Florida a part of the South?

Meaghan Maus, Tallahassee, Florida, 21

“Florida is not completely a southern state. North Florida, including cities like Tallahassee, can be considered “southern.” Here, African Americans and Hispanics are minorities and most people residing here are southern generations. On the other hand, south Florida, including cities like Miami, is more modern and complicated.

“There is a hodgepodge of all kinds of people, like people from the North, foreigners, Hispanics, Cuban and so on”.

Gustavo Cardona, Stamford, Connecticut, 21

“Technically, it is a Southern state. But it has a different culture. It is not the same as other traditionally southern states like Mississippi and Alabama. The people here are mixed.

“The north part of Florida has Spanish and Cuban, the middle part has white people and the south part has Hispanics”.

Noah Gomez, Sanford, Florida, 21

“No. Florida does not have a deep southern feeling. The climate here is different.

“People here have no accents and there is not a strong antislavery history.”


George Thurlow, Sarasota, Florida, 20

“Definitely not. North Florida is so different from south Florida.

“Actually, I think south Florida can be an independent state.”

Tempest Cantrell, Birmingham, Alabama, 20

“I am from Alabama, a traditionally “southern” state. In contrast, Florida is really not exactly a southern state”.

Maria Andrea Rojas, Miami, Florida, 20

“From my life experience in Miami, Miami is really too modern and developed and urbanized to be considered as “southern.””

Kourtney Johnson, Ashburn, Virginia, 18

“It is hard to describe. Unlike other southern states, Florida does not have many obvious southern characteristics. So, no, I do not think Florida as a southern state”.

William Whitmire, North Lauderdale, Florida, 21

“Technically Florida is in the south but culturally it has been argued that it is not depending on where you come from in the state. North Floridians would tend to argue that Florida is a southern sate in the south but south Floridians would claim that there is nothing southern about the State.

“Some south Floridians actually would consider South Florida to be more like New York. So Yes Florida is in the south but depending on who you speak to”.

Roderick D. Hall, Armour, North Carolina, 20

“Yes, geographically Florida is in the south. Culturally, I would consider only North Florida to embody “Southern culture.” However, all states in the South have various locations within that are not representative of “Southern culture” Florida just has a massive portion of the state”.

Most people do not consider Florida to be a traditional southern state.

Even though people might have difficulty defining Florida, mixed population and cultural background are definitely one essential part of Florida’s glamour.