I am really not into the new Kimojis

We get it, you have a big ass

Kim Kardashian has already taken over our lives, but this time, she’s taken it just a little too far. Yesterday, Kim released her latest “Kimoji” bundle, which included emojis of her intimate personal life – and I do mean intimate.

I’ll be the first to admit that I have been known to sit down with a box of wine (yes, a box) and binge watch ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’ curled up on my couch ignoring all responsibility for hours.

Maybe because it’s so mind-numbingly entertaining – I mean how did a family with no true talent, become famous, for being famous for no reason?

Maybe a little weird a toddler is being used in a Tinder convo

Their empire has expanded so much so, people actually pay for a subscription to their life style apps, as if a reality show wasn’t already enough of a look into their everyday life. Now, people pay real money for Kim’s “Kimojis,” which before were more or less a waste of time, but now, are absolutely absurd and ridiculous.

Don’t get me wrong – I think that a woman should be able to express herself in anyway she chooses, and it seems as though “emoji” is Kim’s new artsy medium, but there is something that feels vaguely degrading to me about this. I also feel low key harassed by these emojis, so when I opened Instagram and saw twenty Kim Kardashian rears waving in my face, I immediately gave her the unfollow.

Mostly though, I feel that a woman with so much power and influence, who is a role model to so many (for some inexplicable reason) should be using her platform not to produce sexually explicit emojis, but bring awareness to actually important issues and causes. Also, I don’t want to be scrolling through Instagram and be visually harassed in the process.

Women are more than just their bodies, and I really can’t think of a reason why I would ever need to use an emoji of Kim and Kanye going at it in a shower. Especially when I could use my brain to articulate something of substance. I think Kim needs to realize that there is more a lot more she can do for this world than provide us with more ways to share pictures of her ass, especially because – in case she forgot – Google is free.