Professor wants psych exam to go ahead despite UCLA campus shooting

The LAPD have now confirmed the shooting to be a ‘murder-suicide’

A professor is ignoring calls by UCLA to cancel exams following this morning’s shooting.

Two people have been confirmed dead in what is now being referred to by authorities as a murder-suicide.

Following reports of the shooting, the campus was on lockdown and the FBI and LAPD investigated the scene.

But despite the traumatic events that transpired this morning, some professors are ignoring the advice of the university and going ahead with finals.

Dahlia Zaidel, a professor of Psychology and Behavioral Neuroscience, has confirmed in an email to Jonathan Rodriguez that the 4.00pm Psych 119I Final would be taking place, regardless of the previous events.

Another eyewitness, speaking to NBC, said: “Some of my buddies still have exams. Luckily, all of my labs are off”.

CBS has reported that all other finals are cancelled.

We have contacted Professor Zaidel for comment.