How to deal with the friend who is always with her boyfriend

Girls’ nights are essential

I’ve always had friends who have been bad at managing time between their friends and when a new man pops up in their life, but that is understandable. When you meet a new guy and your in the honeymoon phase of the relationship it’s natural to spend an excessive amount of time together, but It is SO annoying being the friend in that situation.

Take a deep breath, you are both new to this situation where your person finds their person. The best way to avoid any tension in these situations is so simple.


Just talk to your friends about how they are feeling and how you are feeling, before anyone gets hurt. You like him well enough, but every time your BFF calls you to hangout she does not want to see your boyfriend dragged along too.


Make time for girls’ night

Now that your friend has her Friday night dates with her new boyfriend she should understand none of your girlfriends want him there on Saturday to watch movies and catch up after being gone for nine months at college.


Go out without him 

I know this idea sounds crazy, but listen to me. Your friends want to hangout with you like they used too. Go out with a group of friends from high school and let him have a guys night with his friends. It would be good for both of you to spend a little time apart.


Make time for your new man 

Don’t get me wrong, I love your new boyfriend. He’s great and take time to get to know him. It’s a new relationship after all. But make time for each of your separate relationships. Each one is important. I might not take you out on a romantic date, but that does not mean spending time with me should mean any less.


Invite him to a night out 

To help your friend feel more comfortable during the beginning of a new relationship invite her and her man to a party. When you reach out to include both of them it will make the whole situation less awkward. Who knows, he could become the next member of the squad.