Summer job outfits that aren’t high-waisted shorts and a crop top

Because your outfit should always be on point

Picking out the right outfit for work should never be as hard as the waking up early part. So, although you may prefer to sleep in than wake up early, work gives you a reason to put on a cute outfit. And that opportunity should be taken advantage of because picking out an outfit should be fun, not stressful.

Now that it’s summer, the go-to bottoms are shorts. However, a pair of high wasted jean shorts and a crop top are definitely not appropriate in most professional workspaces. With these ideas and combinations, you will never struggle to put together a cute work outfit again.

LWD: The little white dress

Little black dresses are in style every season, but little white dresses are not. The time has finally come to break out the white dresses, so take advantage of it. Dresses with detail add texture and depth to a simple look. Denim jackets also look great with them.

Simple skirt with a pop of color

Although simple black skirts can easily pair with almost any top, it’s fun to add a pop of color. It adds vibrancy to the summer environment. If you are looking for a way to make your outfit more professional, add the pop of color through a button-up, not a t-shirt.

Patterned skirt with a simple top

I always keep my eyes open for a skirt with a print because they are very eye-catching and unique. These skirts are the focal point of the outfit and nicely match almost any simple top. The addition of a denim jacket to a simple top will add another dimension as well as color to the overall outfit.

Shift dress


Talk about fashionable and comfortable. Shift dresses are simple and cute. Because these dresses flow nicely, they are perfect for a hot summer day. They also pair well with denim jackets especially if your workspace is air conditioned.

Denim jacket

Because the weather can vary in the summer, it is always smart to wear a light jacket just in case you get cold. Denim jackets are usually my go-to instead of a sweater because they can pair with almost any outfit. A light-washed denim jacket has the power to brighten up an outfit because it adds a summery color. Whenever in doubt, top an outfit off with a denim jacket.


Rompers are just like that go-to tank and pair of shorts, but in one article of clothing! If you are not a huge dress fan, rompers are a great alternate. Choose a print you like and add a belt to add another layer to the outfit. And once again, denim jackets look great with them.

White jeans and a patterned top

On a colder summer day, a pair of white jeans is the way to go. White jeans are a huge summer trend and are a great alternate to blue jeans. And because they are white, you can easily find a shirt and add a sweater. 

Maxi dress

Another option for a colder summer day is a maxi dress. It may seem like walking in a long dress is uncomfortable, but contrary to popular belief, these dresses are very comfortable. Find one with a fashionable pattern you love to be different and top the outfit off with a sweater or denim jacket.