We asked women what they love most about being a woman

‘Boobs, they’re awesome’

It’s no secret that there are a lot of frustrating things about being a woman. There’s even an aggravating stigma surrounding the fight to change these things. Which didn’t always bother me – in fact, until I came to college and took a women’s studies class, I never truly understood what feminism was or what it meant. What it is, though, is being vocal. It simply means being openly supportive of women, and for us women, being bold. I have yet to understand why it has become popular to make this uncool.

A big example of a frustration for women that has been publicized a lot recently is the wage gap between what men are paid and what women are paid for the same job. Women do earn less, and it is a real problem. Another is the popular image of women, namely that we are constantly sexualized and often seen as weaker than or inferior to men. Then there’s the strife to be independent from men and to be taken as seriously as they are when they present their issues.

I asked a handful of women about why each is glad to be one. For several, their initial responses were sarcastic comments about how there’s really not a whole lot great about it. We agree, though, that even with some underlying crap, we have many beautiful things to celebrate as women. Here’s what was said!

Emma, University of Leeds


“We are survivors and fighters. We put up with so much bullshit every day yet still we persist. We live in a world that we are told is out to get us if we go out alone at night or wear a short skirt. Like we are badass.”

Kerrigan, University of Maryland


“We are versatile. Women can wear their hair any way, any make up, any nickname, etc. Nothing is decided for us.”

Savannah, UNC Chapel Hill


“We can be independent in society today. It’s cool to see how much times have changed. My grandmother loved doing sports and stuff when she was younger, but she wasn’t able to because for women, they didn’t have many sports teams for them. About Title IX, my dad was like, ‘Your grandmother would have been so proud – this was everything she fought for.’ And now I’m able to do whatever sport I want.”

Faye, University of Birmingham


“The best thing about being a woman is the prerogative to have a little fun.” Cue Man! I Feel Like A Woman by Shania Twain

Mared, Cardiff University


“Boobs, they’re awesome.”

Delaney, NC State


“Not to fall in the stereotype of women, but I think it’s awesome that we are the ones that carry babies. We literally grow a living creature inside of us, dumb boys can’t do that!”

Jordan, Temple


“I agree with Delaney. It’s awesome when you realize how much your body is capable of. We can literally grow humans on command and push them out of a tiny hole, and then totally recuperate and get back to business. It’s pretty empowering to think that if that’s normal for us, we can pretty much do anything.”

Lexi, University of Birmingham


“The feeling of empowerment you get with every little victory over the patriarchy.”

Lizzy, Ithaca


“Our clothes are so much more fun.”

Katy, UNC Charlotte


“There is such a history of strength behind our femininity. For centuries, women have been the backbone of the family unit, and we have campaigned for equal political voice and the right to be heard. Modern women have to be extremely strong to keep fighting masochist ideas. Women are strong enough to have children and pursue a career. I’m proud to be a woman because of our history. We were not handed power in our society, instead we fought for it-and won. We were never given an equal voice among our male peers, but that didn’t stop women from trying to fight for the right to vote. We have stood united to overcome societal standards, and women today continue to raise their voice.” – Katy

Sarah, UNC Chapel Hill


“There’s something very empowering about being in a place and a position where you have to work one step harder to achieve the same goals as everybody else because it makes you feel fulfilled when you actually achieve those goals. It makes it that much sweeter when you accomplish something that somebody wasn’t expecting you to accomplish.”