I would rather get dressed up than look like a slob

I just can’t function in sweatpants – they make me want to sleep

For someone who went to a strict private boarding school for seven years of her life  and wore a neat, ironed uniform every day of those seven years, I can’t help but wear decent clothes from Monday to Friday. No, that doesn’t mean I wear a $500 dollar suit with three and a half inch heels to class everyday.

It means that I can’t help but throw on a pair of jeans every single day of the week. It also means that wearing sweat pants in public is not my thing.  Neither are flip flops – unless, it’s the beach of course.

For me and other people like me, flip flops are meant to be worn around water, meaning, either at the beach, or in the shower.


VIT student Simran Arora on a normal college day

Dressing up is kind of our thing, but that doesn’t mean we have to be decked out in heavy and expensive clothes or tons of makeup.

It just means we love the feeling of being feeling put together and our clothes help us achieve that. They make it look like we have our shit together, even if we don’t, whether they are from Target or Prada.


As far as sweat pants or pyjamas go, for me, they make me feel lazy or a little too comfortable. Why? Because I’ve always associated them with either going to bed or going to the gym.

Moreover, if my professor makes the effort to wear a suit and show up to class at 8:30 am, the least I can do is wear a decent t-shirt with a pair of jeans and sneakers and brush my hair. Besides, if I wore sweat pants to class, I would feel extremely sleepy and would probably doze off.


Diya, Sanah , Jahnvi and Ivy are advocates

However, this doesn’t mean that we don’t appreciate comfortable clothing – because leggings are great.