I would rather be low maintenance than a Barbie

For one thing, it’s cheaper

Why should girls have to wear makeup every day? We’re expected to wake up in the wee hours of the morning to “put our face on” and it’s just not fair. Guys can jump out of bed and start their day, while girls have to make their looks meet a set standard before they can leave the house. So what if I have bags under my eyes? I’m a college student. That comes with the territory.

Some of us prefer the natural look, but then we’re viewed as being lazy and not caring enough about our appearance. But being low maintenance doesn’t mean we don’t care, it just means we prioritize differently than most.

For very special occasions we may give in and wear a little makeup, but it never fails that everyone notices and comments, which draws attention to us that we don’t want. So normally we don’t even bother. 

No makeup, no worries.

No makeup, no worries

Hats and messy buns are our best friends. Low maintenance girls love their sleep, so we usually wake up about about 20 minutes before class and throw on something quick and easy. Nowhere in our schedule do we make time for the step-by-step process of contouring and properly applying blush to our cheekbones. Sleep is way more important.

Being low maintenance really has its perks. Not only does it save us time, it saves us money.

Have you ever strolled through the makeup aisle and noted the prices of the common items in a girl’s makeup bag? Foundation, concealer, mascara, blush, powder, makeup brushes and sponges, an endless supply of items that could easily cost $10 a piece. If I were to make a list of my priorities, feeding myself and my dog come before matching my eye shadow to my blouse. Sorry, not sorry.

Don’t get me started on eyeliner. Applying it practically requires an art degree. Those of you ladies that have perfected the cat-eye look with the wings, I tip my hat to you. You’re much more patient than me. I’ve tried watching tutorials and it still looks like a drunk 5-year-old drew on my face. They should make a stencil or something.

And what about jewelry? We keep that to a bare minimum, as well. We’ve probably had our ears pierced multiple times because we let the holes grow back. Who has time to make sure you wear earrings every day? Not me. And if we do wear them, they’re probably little studs that are barely noticeable.

Our smiles are our makeup.

Our smiles are our makeup.

Although it might sound snobby, low maintenance girls have the “take me as I am” mentality. If someone doesn’t like us because we don’t obsess over our appearance, we’re probably better off without them.

(Insert a cheesy quote about being beautiful on the inside).