The struggles of being ‘the tall girl’ in your friendship group

I’m always the designated selfie taker

I speak for all the tall girls out there when I say the struggle is real. Whether being seen as too intimidating, too manly, or simply just too tall, being 5’10” and taller for almost our entire lives has definitely come to define who we are.

So as we stand united in our freakishly tall stature, only true tall girls can attest to the struggles we face on an every day basis.

Constantly being asked how tall we are

At 5’11” this is literally something I hear at least twice a day. No joke. Whether it’s from my own friends telling me that I’m just too damn tall, to cracking jokes by comparing me to zoo creatures, the question is inescapable. Don’t even get me started on being asked if I’m some kind of basketball prodigy (it happens a lot more than you’d think). And if you think that you’re being original when asking us how the weather is ‘up there’, think again.

Every article of clothing is way too short on you

Trying to be up to date with all of the latest fashion trends that all of your much shorter friends are absolutely rocking is literally an every day struggle. From being forced to search for the tiny print that labels our jeans as long in hopes that they’ll actually fit right, to scavenging for a maxi dress that actually hits the floor – finding clothes that fit us right is without a doubt our biggest struggle. Oh, and take my advice on this: that LBD is most definitely too short for you. And forget about even trying to wear rompers or jumpsuits. Every girl over 5’10” knows that rompers are an absolute no go (for pretty obvious reasons).

To heel or not to heel

Now, the decision to wear heels is a whole different story. Committing to being well above six feet tall for the night is something we literally have to hear about all night long. Because the line, “you’re tall enough already, why are you wearing heels?!” just never gets old. I stepped out of my house well aware that I was going to be towering over everyone all night so just let me bask in all of my Amazonian glory.

Long arms equals designated selfie taker

Apparently being tall in a short person’s world means that you automatically become a professional group selfie taker. So embarking on any kind of adventure outside of your own house, tall girls are always prepared to become the photographer for the day. Yet even after bending and contorting ourselves to fit into frame, we always seem to be cut out of every one else’s picture. Oh well, the price of being tall I guess. At least we got an eyeball in right?

Actually all photos are generally awkward

And standing next to your short friends for a picture is a whole new level of awkward – especially when you’re best friend is literally a foot shorter than you.

Having always been “boob-height” with your friends never fails to make for an hysterically awkward throwback picture though.

Long legs, a tall girl’s best friend or worst enemy

Us tall girls all know, our long legs can either be our most glorified feature or our worst enemy. But maintaining these mile long limbs is  not all it’s cracked up to be. Shaving is an absolute nightmare, and can easily take at least a half an hour.

There are a whole other set of problems with dating

Finding a date that can actually stand up to these lanky legs is literally hell, because we all know finding a man over 6 foot is like discovering an actual unicorn.

And let’s just say dropping the number five on the first date could be a deal breaker. Believe me boys, it isn’t you. It’s me.