‘Bernie Sanders Dank Memes Singles’ is the weirdest dating site on the internet

They live by the motto ‘what would Bernie do’

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The Bernie Sanders Dank Memes Stash Facebook group is quite a weird place to begin with. With over 400,000 members, it’s now so active you have to be approved to post in it. It’s pretty much the hub of excited Bernie supporters on Facebook. With such a massive presence, it makes sense that splinter groups will happen. And one of the weirdest ones is Dank Memes Singles.

With over 10,000 members already, Bernie Sanders Dank Memes Singles group is ostensibly where lonely Bernie fans find love. Except it seems like it gets pretty wild in there, or at least, that’s what the ominously extensive list of rules for the group would imply:

Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 16.13.17

But for such a strictly moderated group, it has its fair share of rogue posts. Here are just a few of my favorites:


Dunno if that’s exactly what she had in mind Andrew


*Jason Derulo plays in the distance*

berni1 berni3


Stay woke

single6 singles1


The memes are pretty true to the 2012 aesthetic in here


‘Strictly platonic’




Not a lot of time for the ‘please no more horrible misogyny chat’ in here either



Just to clarify, it counts


No Andrew, cyber stuff probably doesn’t count


‘LOL kidding!!’


‘Keeping the streak alive’

But probably the weirdest thing about the group is that, despite the funny posts, despite the arguments, none of them seem to actually be voting for Bernie (or anyone else). The group is hella active, that much is obvious, and you could spend hours scrolling through it, but the actual voting selfies (you know, the ones with the Snapchat filters) are few and far between. In fact there are a lot of posts calling people out – which is weird because that’s clearly banned in the rules – for not voting, or for deserted precincts.



You have to wonder, if nobody’s having any sex and hardly anyone is voting for Bernie, what the group is actually for. I’m still none the wiser, but I’m still glad I’m part of it – even if it does make me wonder just how wild things must get in whatever “Donald Trump Dank Memes Singles” Facebook groups there are out there.


‘Larger than my dick’ is when I knew I’d had enough