Revealed: The most and least popular York colleges

Derwent isn’t the most popular??

The college rivalry at York is real. And whilst some people’s college pride may not go further than drunkenly chanting their college chant on the 66 or playing for their college netball fours team, some have a real affinity to their college and get VERY defensive when you try and slate it.

Although we all unfoundedly believe our college is the best, have you ever wondered which Uni of York college is actually the most popular?

Well thanks to data obtained by The York Tab in a Freedom of Information request, we can now reveal which college categorically is the most popular based on applications received by incoming students in the 20/21 academic year.

An important piece of information to note is that the system which York employs for accommodation applications is slightly different, meaning any application can have multiple preferences expressed. Therefore, these numbers show the number of applications that had at least one preference indicated for that college.

There are also no applications for Anne Lister College as it was not open during the 2020/21 academic year.

Coming in at first place is Vanbrugh with 4,657 applications, accounting for 14 per cent of all applications. Located right in the centre of campus, you either lived in Vanbrugh or went to pres there in first year. Most people I know had Vanbrugh down as their first choice. The Vanbrugh Arms also hosts the jazz night which is the most popular event on campus so that’s an added bonus. RIP to all those that applied to Vanbrugh only to be put in Fairfax House though, gives major boarding school vibes.

The full list, showing number of applications to each York college.

Second place goes to York’s biggest college, Halifax, with 4,569 applications. Despite being a proud Halifax member, I’m shocked to see Halifax so high on this list since everyone you meet from Halifax says it wasn’t their first choice accommodation. Still, Halifax counted for 13 per cent of applications and with a room price of £99 a week, you really can’t go wrong. Halifax also gives really cute village vibes and I love it.

Next up, in third place is Derwent which I’m shocked to see isn’t in first place. With 4,114 applications, Derwent is also a popular choice. Known as the party college and with not one but TWO college bars, it’s not hard to see why Derwent is also high on this list. The lake by Derwent is also home to Long Boi so that’s an added bonus.

Alcuin, with 3,875 applications, is in fifth place. Sandwiched between the Library and the Chemistry building, Alcuin is known as the quiet and studious college and gives big wholesome vibes. You’ll most likely find the people who applied here will all achieve firsts in their degrees. Alcuin is also home to The Kitchen at Alcuin Café, which is a lovely place to study and grab coffee so that’s definitely a bonus.

The first of the Campus East Colleges is Goodricke in seventh place. With 3,321 applications, Goodricke is the most popular of the East colleges which is shocking because uni folklore often suggests that Goodricke doesn’t really exist. Like seriously, I think I’ve only ever met one person from Goodricke.

Also on East, Langwith is in eighth place. With 3,559 applications, I’m shocked to see Langwith so low on this list because everyone you meet from Langwith is purely OBSESSED with being in Langwith and won’t stop going on about it. It’s also right next to Glasshouse and is known as the most social college on East.

In ninth we have Constantine, York’s most expensive college. With 2,786 applications, Constantine is the least popular of the East Campus colleges. With Constantine’s cheapest rooms coming in at £166 a week and the most expensive at £200, I’m really not surprised by this. The double beds and sofas in the kitchen do make me very very jealous, however.

Moving back to Campus West, James College is in tenth place with 2,240 applications. James is known as the sporty college, most likely because it’s located right next to the sports centre. James is also York’s only fully catered college, meaning it’s a lot more expensive than other colleges, making sense why it’s so low on this list. That and being in catered accomodation just gives off big school dinner energy, just learn how to cook I beg x

And finally, in last place we have (shock) Wentworth. Wentworth is York’s only postgrad college which recieved 2,000 applications. Soley for postgrad students and smaller than other colleges, it makes sense why Wentworth is at the bottom of this list. The lake around Wentworth is actually really pretty though.

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