Here are the top ten secrets no one tells you about being a fresher at York

Long boi is not a secret, of course

With the start of the new academic year looming closer, the University of York will soon be welcoming a new class of freshers into the city.

Whilst moving to university can be incredibly stressful, the experiences you will have as a fresher will show you a sample of what uni life has to offer. From Freshers’ Fairs to the (almost) obligatory nights out, most new arrivals are aware of what goes on in Freshers’ week.

But we thought it only right to clue you in on the things the prospectus doesn’t tell you about being a fresher at York.

10. Get to your accommodation as early as possible and reserve the best space in the kitchen

In a first come first serve situation, you better hope you get in there first or you’re going to end up with the worst cupboard, fridge shelf, and freezer space. Nobody wants to have the bottom fridge self which catches the remnants of everyone’s mouldy food or a cupboard near the bin (it’s probably not going to get emptied for a month).

9. It’s okay not to make your best friends in Freshers’ Week.

Or at all for that matter. You’ve definitely heard this one before, but it’s unlikely that the random handful of people you’re assigned to live with in first year will be your best mates. Of course if they are, that’s great and very convenient. But if not, PLEASE don’t worry. You’ll find your people eventually, as cliche as it sounds.

8. Speaking of flatmates, they’re not the only people at uni

It’s not uncommon for freshers to stick with their flatmates for the duration of Freshers’ Week out of convenience. But I would sincerely recommend meeting as many people as possible and visiting society fairs, that way you’ll meet people who share your hobbies and interests.

That being said, don’t neglect your flatmates, you’re living with them for a year and you don’t want to get off on the wrong foot.

7. You will meet SO many Oxbridge and Durham rejects

I don’t know what it is about York that makes every single Oxbridge applicant choose it as their insurance but here we are. How does one spot a Durham/Oxbridge reject? It might be the signet ring or the “Rah where’s my baccy?” but in reality they’ll probably just throw it into conversation outright.

But honestly, after Freshers’ no one really cares anymore, you’re all at the same place now so what’s the big deal?

6. York, whilst northern, is not really like the rest of the north

You may be coming to York from the faraway land known as the south and you might expect that moving up north will adhere to the stereotypes (think the Starks in Game of Thrones or calling dinner “tea”) but you may be surprised to learn York is much more like a typical southern city. It also has the prices to match.

5. Don’t agree to move into a house with someone before you really know them

The urge to jump into signing a house contract for second year with people you hardly know is strong, I get it. You might be best mates now but when you’re hungover, the heating’s broke and you have rats in your kitchen will your friendship really stand the test?

You don’t want to end up stuck with someone you hate in a few month’s time. So don’t panic, you’ll find somewhere to live if you wait a few months, I promise.

4. Saturday nights out are the worst mistake you will ever make

York on a weekend is crawling with boisterous stag do’s, screaming hens, and LOTS of locals. Not to mention the inflated non-student prices. This should be avoided at all costs. Have a night in and save yourself for the classic Sunday Revs instead.

3. Uni and College rivalries

The first rivalry you should be aware of is that of UoY and YSJ, York’s two unis. Uni of typically comes out better in the ranking tables, but when it comes to campus and graduation location YSJ thoroughly has us beat.

College rivalries are another thing you’ll quickly come to discover at York. Chants of “LANGWITH TILL I DIE” or “HALI FUCKING FAX” will ring in your ears throughout Freshers’. But in reality, after the first week, no one really gives a shit. It’s just a good way to gain community spirit.

2. You will hear the name ‘Longboi’ at least once a week

The University of York is renowned for its waterfowl. They outnumber us on campus and have the ruling over the lake. But the king of them all is the world-famous Longboi.

As a result of his viral renown and worldwide fame, it is highly likely you will think about him more than your degree.

Image credit: @longboiyork

1. You’re living in a beautiful city, make the most of it

So this one may not be a secret, but you will be living in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, so make the most of it. It has so much more to offer than stumbling through it at 5am, cheesy chips in hand. So go and explore, find some hidden gems and take in the beauty of this amazing city.

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