1,000 students are now self-isolating at University of York

There are now 144 positive cases at the university

New figures show that over 1,000 students are now in self-isolation at the University of York, with 144 students testing positive for Covid-19.

According to York Mix, over 1,000 students are now self-isolating and volunteers are being recruited by City of York Council to assist with food deliveries to students who are self-isolating on campus.

With the number of coronavirus cases at the university doubling in the past week, the council has sent an urgent email to its volunteers in a renewed effort to tackle the spread of Covid-19.

It states: “The quantity of Covid-19 positive tests at the University of York has doubled. There are 1,000 students on campus socially isolating and the University of York needs support to ensure they can deliver food to them.”

“The University have vans to deliver the food to the accommodation blocks so volunteers would walk to the specific accommodation block and distribute the food from the vans.”

Following the sharp rise in cases, a spokesman for the University of York said:

“We understand that self-isolation can be challenging and is a community-spirited act intended to safeguard others.

“We are committed to taking a supportive and compassionate approach when dealing with our students in self-isolation and have a number of support measures in place to help.

“We have always had a strong culture of volunteering at the University and we are really grateful for any further help and support from the wider community.”

The spike in cases at York could see the alert level move from level two to level three at the beginning of next week to stop the spread of the virus.

To become a Covid-19 volunteer for City of York Council, click here.

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