Which Hamilton Song is your college at York?

Please, anything but ‘Cabinet Battle’

The early release of the film: Hamilton, is one of the only good things to have come out of 2020. The musical portrays the life of Alexander and his family. But, who knew that the two hour and fifty minute rapped story is relatable to life at York?

Derwent: Non-Stop 

Although the lyric “Why do you write like you’re running out of time?” applies to every single uni student, it applies the most to the residents of Derwent.

Due to the students there being massive sesh heads, they quite literally have to write all of their essay’s and assignments like they’re running out of time.

Constantine: Dear Theodorisa 


Constantine is the most expensive college at York. The girls in this college are always finely dressed, kind of like the Schuyler Sisters above.

The lyric, “If we lay a strong enough foundation, we’ll pass it onto you” in Dear Theodorisa, may as well have been written directly for the students in this college. They know full well that if uni fails then they can always move back home and work for Mummy and Daddy.

Alcuin: My Shot

This song is sung with a huge amount of drive and determination. It details how Hamilton wishes to become a huge success and will stop at nothing until he achieves it.

However, this is not a compliment to all Alcuin students. If you voluntarily chose this college, then it means you want to spend every waking minute in the Library rather than out on a club night. You will forever be known as boring AF.

James: Helpless 

In this particular song, Eliza details how her sister, Angelica, had to approach Hamilton before she could speak to him. Angelica also explains how her sister is incredibly naïve and kind.

With James being the only fully catered college and known as “Mr. Nice Guy”, the students there would, like Eliza, need their friends to approach their crushes first and generally assist them through university, or else they wouldn’t come out alive.

Langwith: Burn

Langwith is famously known for two things: its laziness (the clue is even in the name) or for the amount of fuck boys and girls it contains.

The lyric “I hope that you burn” has FOR SURE been sung after another boy or girl has fallen victim to going home with a Langwith student after a wild night out.

Goodricke: Satisfied 

Unfortunately, Goodricke is the college on campus East that is always forgotten about. The line “I will never be satisfied” that Angelica belts out, was basically written for Goodricke students. They will forever be overshadowed by Constantine and Langwith students.

Halifax: Quiet Uptown

Situated out in the sticks, Halifax is the Goodricke of Campus West.

A word of advice for any freshers that are not in this college reading this: if you see any Halifax students ”walking by themselves” or ”talking to themselves”, then just give them a smile or invite them out for a drink. I guarantee that you’ll make their day.

Vanbrugh: Alexander Hamilton

As this song is all about the musicals main character, it fits Vanbrugh perfectly. I don’t know about freshers this year, but as Vanbrugh is at the centre of everything, it meant that EVERYBODY wanted to be a part of it.

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