It’s time to nominate the pengest tings of Tang Hall 2020

No Fulford residents allowed x

Earlier this year, we ran the annual competition for BNOC (Biggest Name On Campus) which saw the socially elite separated from, well, just the rest of us. Now, for the first time ever, we’re bringing you a competition where we are searching for Tang Hall’s fittest resident.

Time to show everyone those lockdown glow-ups and how that one 5K you did a few months ago really paid off. We all need a bit of a boost of self-confidence at the moment since we’re looking a bit like victims of closed hairdressers and beauty salons. Or perhaps you’re embracing your new look, or have even had a go at some hairdressing yourself (shaved head yet?). So what better way than to nominate your mate (or yourself) to find Tang Hall’s pengest tings and give them that ego boost that they (probably don’t) need.

It’s completely anonymous, so why not nominate the person you’ve been debating on making a Yorkrush about? Or the person you see looking mighty fine in the Co-op whilst you’re trying to balance a mountain of meal deals in your PJ’s. Or maybe that person that you always try to catch a second glance at while you should be studying in Morrell? It could even be someone that you’ve noticed is pretty good-looking on your Zoom calls. Nominations close 30th June, use the form below to send in your nomination! No Fulford or Badger Hill residents thanks, only Tang Hall superstars can be nominated x

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