If Killing Eve characters were at York, which college would they be?

Who doesn’t love Villanelle?

EVERYBODY, and I mean EVERYBODY should be watching Killing Eve right now! Plan your study breaks around it, weave it into your essays or link up with your housemates and binge it…you wont be sorry. Trust me.

Or to those of you who are up-to-date on this incredible series, this article could fill a void whilst you’re aimlessly waiting for Monday nights. It could also get you thinking, which character would fit perfectly into your York college.

Here are the Killing Eve characters in their respectable colleges.

Alcuin: Carolyn


Carolyn has two personalities: the workaholic and the cold- hearted yet, cool older woman that every wishes was their grandma.

With Alcuin being so close to the library it means that Carolyn could rent out a room in Morellel and dedicate it to her hunt for Villanelle.

Alcuin is also known for the iconic old quad however, I don’t think Carolyn would be throwing BBQ’s there. She’d FOR SURE be the rare Alcuin student who used it to throw late night parties and receive weekly noise complaints.

Ultimately though she’d have to live in E block as they are the only ones with the bath…

Vanbrugh: Eve


Eve likes to believe that she is at the centre of everything. Therefore, she for sure would have wanted to be part of this college. Within the show we often see her starring into the abyss, pondering her thoughts a lot and with Vanbrugh being close to the lake, it would be a perfect spot.

Eve may be one of the leading characters of the show, but lets face it, everyone is there for Villanelle…Like Eve Vanbrugh could really be something, as it has SO many buildings, if a little time and effort was put into it, but I guess its just destined to remain average.

Halifax: Niko


As you can see, Niko has basically stepped out of his car into, well, nowhere…Just like freshers do when they move into Halifax.

Not to offend any Halifax lodgers, but after you move in everyone will forget you. Kinda like how Niko will just be remembered for his shepherd’s pie.

Being the furthest away on Campus West means no body will make the effort to trek that far. You will forever be known as the students who are late to classes and that’s really it. We seriously could have the next British legend there, but with it being pretty far no one will ever know.

Derwent: Villanelle 


This college was practically made for her. The constant partying fits her loud and childlike nature like a glove and, the aesthetic of Heslington Hall would make the PERFECT backdrop for her killer outfit photos.

The Derwent asbestos infected rooms are also far from the aesthetic of Villanelle’s incredible Apartment, but the fact that they have two beds means she will always have somebody to watch movies with. Being close to courtyard and being the party college also means she’d never too bored.

These pj’s would FOR SURE make an appearance on a sport night

This should also be how EVERY Derwent student dresses for Halloween this year

Wentworth: Konstantin


Straight through series 1-3 Konstantin has kept the same serious, angry expression. The only time he ever slightly smiles is when money or success is on the cards for him. If you ever see a Wentworth student, I guarantee that they’re either looking frustrated with anyone younger than them or happy that they’re handing in at least a smidgen of their work load.

James: Kenny


With James being the only fully catered college it would be perfect for Kenny, seeing as his mum literally does EVERYTHING for him…Even getting him his job. I bet if he was in this college she’d also have paid for his sport membership.


Goodricke: Geraldine



Geraldine has a lot in common with Niko. She’s basically irrelevant. The fact that her own mum only makes pleasantries with her in the hall way of their house speaks for itself.

Likewise, being on campus East you’d think that people in this college would be as rich and as popular as those girls in Constantine, but in reality it’s basically the Halifax of Hes East: everyone just forgets about it.


Constantine: Dasha


Bitchy and spoilt, the only qualities of a Constantine student. Dasha gets absolutely everything she wants and hurts anybody in the process…Probably how those in this college would act if Daddy’s credit card ran out.

Langwith: Hugo

Hes 100% the Langwith type…the fluffy hair and wonky yet, charming sideways smile. He would for sure lure in all the girls in slavo’s on a Wednesday.

Most Langwith boys do have the reputation of being able to pull the most girls. Like Hugo they also have the ability to disappear when things get a little serious…Kenny’s shocking escape from being stabbed in season two after one wild night with Eve, is, I think something all Langwith boys wish to lea