11 Lockdown activities to ease student boredom

Maybe finish your diss?

Bored? Sick of sitting around and not leaving the house? Fed up of checking the news every hour? It’s perfectly acceptable to sit in your room all day and watch the whole Netflix catalogue. But, if you’re looking for some other ideas to try and help the days pass, these  are all free and achievable within your own home.

Here are 11 activities you can enjoy throughout lockdown in your own home:


Feeling fit and healthy and want to help? Volunteer to help the NHS provide care to those in need in your community. This could include driving people home from hospital and delivering groceries to those isolating . You can sign up to volunteer here.

Watch a concert from bed

Sad about a cancelled festival or concert? Check out which artists are live streaming performances so you can groove from home. Maybe Facetime some friends and create a festival experience together from your own bedrooms.

You can now help track symptoms, even if you’re completely healthy!

Track your symptoms

Have a minute? Download the Covid-19 symptom tracker app created to track and help contain the spread of the virus. Even if you’re experiencing no symptoms you can still check in as healthy and help scientists track the spread of the virus.

Check in with mates

Miss the pub with your mates? Download one of the many software and apps (like Houseparty) that let you group video chat all your friends at once so you can have a virtual pub sesh. There are also a few virtual pub quizzes knocking around to take part in too.

Virtual tours

Fancy a bit of culture from your lounge? Visit some of the most famous museums in the world with virtual tours, or at least tell your mum you did.  Museums include the British Museum, Musée d’Orsay and the Van Gogh Museum.

Visit the zoo

Feeling nature but already used up your daily walk? Look up which zoos are live-streaming their enclosures. You might even see a dancing Aussie zoo worker if you’re lucky.

Home workouts

Bit of extra energy? Checkout all the amazing options for home workouts like Joe Wicks or Chris Hemsworth’s Centre which is offering six weeks free!! There are plenty of free workouts with no equipment required all over Instagram.

Have a Netflix party

Miss a good film with mates? Use the new craze that is the Netflix Party chrome extension so you can watch films with your friends. You can also use it for a great date night if you’re experiencing a long distance relationship.

Make a start on all the books you’ve been meaning to read

Read THAT book

Or how about something new? Use the extra time you have to read any books you have sitting on your shelf or treat yourself to a new book, even better a new ebook.

Instagram Challenges

Back yourself on social media? Join in the ridiculous range of challenges inevitably coming your way. From toilet paper challenges, bingo, press up challenges to throwback photo challenges. Get involved with friends to have a good laugh.

Finish you diss

Otherwise, do your uni work after you’ve exhausted all the other options. If you don’t have a diss, maybe finish your reading list or even begin revising for those online exams.