Fairhurst is closed yet York’s fourth round BNOCs still shine

Another dose of BNOCs

The pubs and clubs are closed, we’re all social distancing and our last term of uni is over before it began. It’s only been a week and you’re probably starting to wonder how you and your siblings ever managed to live in the same house together for so long. Fairhurst revision dates seem like a distant memory, could we be missing the library already?

However, here we have a fresh batch of BNOC nominations for you to sit back and cast your vote on!

Your fourth round nominations are:

Kwangu Simeza

Year:  1st Year

Course: Rugby (with a side of Law)

3 words to describe them: York Party Guarantee

Why are they a BNOC?

“Every Revs ✅ Every salvos ✅ Courtyard King ✅ Zero seminars attended ✅.”

When asked how he felt, Kwangu said:



Izzy Sims

Year: 3rd Year

Course: Social policy, crime and criminal justice

3 words to describe them: Funny, likeable, talkative

Why are they a BNOC?

“She does drama so knows most people for drama soc, also women’s rugby so know all the girls from there. Furthermore she works in vbar and is very talkative so knows people who frequent there. You can’t walk anywhere on campus without her knowing someone.”

Izzy told the York Tab:

“You sure? Have you seen the colour of my hair?”


Nicholas Muyimba

Year: 3rd Year

Course: Economics

3 words to describe them: Lanky, funny, goofy

Why are they a BNOC?

“Had a 40 year old stripper at his 21st party and is the president of UYVC.”

We asked Nicholas how he felt about his nomination:

“Genuinely thought this was a prank at first. I’m really surprised but glad to be nominated.”


Sophie Stamford

Year: 2nd Year

Course: English Lit

3 words to describe them: Energetic, funny, absolutely nuts

Why are they a BNOC?

“Never stops dancing and knows everyone, on campus, in salvos and in town including all the bouncers and bartenders. Stands up for literally anyone if something is up. Is absolutely fucking nuts yet a 10/10 that every boy dribbles over.”

Sophie had this to say about being nominated:

“I’m not surprised considering the amount of time I spend in Salvos.”


Ruby Bate

Year: 2nd Year

Course: Archaeology

3 words to describe them:  Sexy, Resit

Why are they a BNOC?

“BTEC Scarlett Stevens/Taylor Swift. Always lurking around Salvos and Kuda. Complete College bingo and a favourite of the new first years.”

Ruby told the York Tab:

“I come from a long line of BNOCs so it’s great to continue the family legacy. Thanks to all my loyal fans for their undying love and support.”


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