Which degrees would these Love is Blind contestants study at York?

If I get Jessica I WILL drop out

Love is Blind on Netflix threw loads of strangers together and ended in multiple breakups, heartache and a little bit of true love! Kind of like university right? Have you ever wondered which Love is Blind contestant would be most likely to sit in on your lecture?

Luckily for you, we have and here are the subjects your Love is Blind favourites are most likely to have studied at York:

Giannina- Psychology
Like the psychology students more than willing to hyper-analyse everything in other people’s lives, Giannina always has on hand her own opinion but doesn’t actually seem to remember her own advice and literally runs away from her problems.

Mark- Archaeology
Poor Mark. He tried his best. The same can be said for every archaeology student who thought they could be Indiana Jones. He was a grafter, kind of like all the students that have to take the bus into town to go to their lectures.

Damian- English Lit

Damian is a thinker, some might say an over thinker worrying about life at home very early into his engagement. He read too much into his relationship with Giannina, and like all pondering English Lit students, he is probably better off musing on his own.

Barnett- Medicine

Like the Medical students who only talk about how much work they have to do, Barnett repeated the same thing to all the girls early on in the pods. He could have had his head turned by Jessica like many Medicine students could by shorter degrees, yet he stays faithful.


Jessica- Business management
Because she’s a regional manager. Of appropriate age gaps, presumably


Lauren- Law

Lauren was the first to find her husband. Like Law students who look for the perfect training contract she put the graft in to find her husband. Lauren is in it for the long run. She’s classy, elegant and a great power dresser.

Amber- Sociology

Amber, like Sociology is to students who study it, wasn’t the first choice. Similarly, she is most likely to play for a college sports team just to have a Wednesday social. Amber is focused,  just like the groups of sociology girls studying in Wentworth over their Starbucks and highlighters.



Kenny- Education
Kenny is adorable and must be protected at all costs, much like those who study education and are ready and willing to commit their futures to teaching.

Rory- Natural Sciences

In the same way no one knows what natural sciences actually is because it’s built up of like 7 different courses, no one knows who Rory is.

This Rory guy isn’t going on any dates and seems more invested in the relationships of others than making any of his own.

Cameron- Music

More than willing to give people an impromptu performance at inappropriate times.

Kelly – Biology

Kelly would be seen studying hard in the biology department with her reusable bottle. She’d be seen smiling away in her lab coat on the science lab coat bar crawls.