York University cancels exams and classes due to COVID-19

Summer term teaching will move online

The University of York has cancelled all teaching in the summer term starting April 14th.

In an email sent to students this afternoon from the Vice-Chancellor Charlie Jeffery students have been told “all teaching from the start of the summer term on Tuesday 14 April will move to online provision.”

The VC also stated that “all examinations and assessments for the remainder of this academic year will also move online” and that first year exams will be cancelled completely.

The email also tells students “You should continue to work on any assessments that have already been set” and that the university “strongly advises you to continue with your studies and revision as normal.”

Residences and colleges will be remaining open, but Post Offer visit days will be moved online.

The university will working over the Easter holiday to “start the process of updating and moving teaching materials online” and they will continue to email students with any updates.

Departments “will be in contact” with students in order to provide more information on exactly how assessments will be moved online.

The VC stated that he is “committed to ensuring that all students can complete their academic programme and graduate or progress on time.”

All staff have also been told that university related international travel for staff has been halted.

Students choosing to remain on campus have been reminded in the email that the “university is not closed” and most campus facilities including “the library and cafes will remain open.”

However the VC also said the university  “will be working to develop guidance with regard to social distancing in large common areas in the coming days.”

The University of York Covid-19 contingency planning groups “are meeting daily to discuss the ongoing situation.”

For updated information students should check the University of York Covid-19 information page with the most recent updates.