225 students on York ski trip told resort is closed due to Covid-19 hours after arriving in France

‘They shouldn’t have let us come at all’

225 students from the University of York were told their ski resort in France closed at midnight just hours after they’d arrived.

The resort was asked to close following the French government closing all non-essential public areas or gatherings at midnight due to the containment of Covid-19. Currently, all students are allowed to stay in their rooms until tomorrow morning but have been told all bars are closed.

The students had travelled by coach and flights from the UK throughout Friday 13th and Saturday 14th March to the ski resort in Avoriaz, France.

Coaches arrived at the resort from 3pm onward, after which students were allowed to collect room keys and ski equipment ready for the trip.

The company Wasteland running the ski trip sent a text to students at 9:30 pm this evening, which read: “Due to recent developments in France, restrictions on public areas are now in place – this means all bars and clubs.

“We will require you to please quietly head back to your apartments before midnight tonight.

“We are currently discussing the next steps with local suppliers and authorities.”

A text sent to students this evening


The students at the resort were told at 22:50 pm to “return their ski hire first thing tomorrow morning” and that “more information on the trip to follow shortly.”

The York Tab has spoken to some of the students on the trip.

One student told The York Tab: “I’m going to get a bus I assume I have no idea when.”

Another said: “Some students who flew to France arrived 20 minutes ago and have just booked a transfer flight back.

“We had to come back to our rooms for 12 pm but have no info on when or how we’ll get home yet.”

“Everything was fine. We picked up our room keys and ski equipment but then BBC News announced ‘all non-essential public services were to be closed in France and the resort ‘was planning to shut by midnight’,” said another.

A tour rep for Wasteland ski told The York Tab: “We’re working on a contingency plan to get everyone back to the UK” they also added the company wanted to “reassure students that coaches will go ahead and students will be updated promptly with all of the information.”

Students are on the spring ski trip with YuSnow society to mark the end of the Spring term.